The Ultimate Pet Holiday Gift Guide

Here are our 50 top picks for dogs, cats and other pets this holiday season. It’s the ultimate pet holiday gift guide, exclusively from Petful.

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If your dog loves the outdoors, there are plenty of gifts that will bring them joy while hiking. Photo: raincarnation40

The season of giving is here, and you’ve come to the right place for all your pet gift needs this year.

Whether you have an outdoor enthusiast of a dog, a cat who loves to lounge or even a rabbit in need of an extra stocking stuffer, you’re covered with this list of treats, toys and more.

Skip the long checkout lines and have these gifts delivered straight to your front door.

For Outdoor Lovers

1. Gulpy Water Bottle

For long walks and hikes, the Gulpy Water Bottle is a must. Simply pack it in any regular water bottle backpack sleeve and extend its built-in “bowl” during water-break pit stops.

2. Tigris Dog Pack

The OneTigris Hound Pack is an envy-worthy backpack that’s perfect for outdoor adventures. Strap the pack to your dog during hikes and pack it with the necessities, like a pup first-aid kit, food, treats and extra water.

3. Dog Fence Window

This fence window won’t just make your dog’s day — it’ll make their life. Simply install this clear, domed window into your backyard fence, and give your dog the opportunity to watch the world go by.

4. Collar LED Light

If your dog or cat goes outdoors in anything other than perfect lighting, get them a collar LED light. Think of it as a bike light for your pet.

It easily clips to collars or leashes, is weather resistant and has a battery life of up to 25 hours.

5. Cat Yoga Mat

How many times have you started an at-home yoga session only to end up with a cat curled underneath your downward dog pose?

The Cat Yoga Mat solves this problem by giving your pet a mat of their own. It’s cat-sized, has a convenient catnip toy attached and offers a scratch-free surface for a mess-free floor.

Is your cat a yoga fiend? Maybe it’s time for their own mat. Photo: jonathansautter

6. Outdoor Cat Habitat

Indoor cats like to be outside sometimes, too — especially when their humans have left them indoors. The habitat is a clear tent that gives your cat space to move around outside without running the risk of them jetting off on an exploration of their own.

7. Small Pet Travel Carrier

If you’re traveling this holiday season, the Awtang Travel Carrier should be at the top of your shopping list. This carrier has a built-in food bowl to minimize spilling, a water attachment, sleeping quarters and even a slide.

For Foodies

8. Gingerbread Dog Treats

These gingerbread biscuits are all natural and completely wheat-free. Their only 4 ingredients are oat flour, peanut butter, cinnamon and ginger, making them an excellent option for sensitive stomachs.

9. Holiday Feast Dog Biscuits

Another Bocce’s Bakery option is its pumpkin, cranberry and roasted turkey treat tin. Each 8-ounce tin contains organic treats made from barley flour, turkey, pumpkin, cranberries and cinnamon.

10. Holiday Box Dog Treats

Plato Pet Treats are all natural, non-GMO and have no artificial ingredients. Each package in the holiday box is 4 ounces, and the treats contain no gluten, corn, wheat or soy.

Pet treats are always a great gift. Photo: Omerlavon

11. Dreidel, Dreidel Holiday Dog Treats

These peanut butter-flavored treats are just like you’d want your own cookies to be — dense and chewy  so forget about any crumbly messes around the house.

12. Pet Eggnog

The Honest Kitchen has created a new tradition for all pet-loving families. To serve the pet eggnog, all you need to do is add water to the goat’s milk, honey, egg and cinnamon mix.

For Indoor Adventurers

13. Star of David Rope Toy

Families celebrating Hanukkah will enjoy this Star of David rope toy for their dogs. The 6.5-inch, high-quality toy is made with festive colors and offers lots of opportune grip points for your dog to grab hold of and jump into a game of tug-of-war.

14. Holiday Catnip Toy Set

Cat’n Around has a trio toy pack that comes with one certified organic bag of catnip. Each toy is eco-friendly and designed to provide long-lasting use.

15. Holiday Cat Toy Box

The Savvy Tabby Holiday Chew toy box is, according to its sellers, “a feline entertainment system.” With this assortment of toys, both plush and sparkly, your cat will likely agree.

Is your cat excited to celebrate the holidays? Photo: Alexas_Fotos

16. Cat Tunnel

For the adventurous indoor cat, this 4-Way Cat Tunnel is like a dream come true. The nearly 5-foot tunnel gives the perfect hideout spot, and the hanging plush toys will keep them entertained.

The cat tunnel offers extra-wide openings, so if your dog wants to join in on the fun, they won’t get stuck along the way.

17. Holiday Cat Scratcher House

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t take up quite so much room, the Gingerbread Cat Scratcher House might be the perfect fit. This gift offers a removable scratcher enclosed by “gingerbread” housing and a catnip toy to hang from the ceiling.

18. Time for Joy Cat Teaser Toy

Give your cat something to jump and chase with the Kissmoose Cat Teaser Toy. The plush moose with “spring” limbs dangles from the end of a pole, meaning playtime will involve both you and your cat.

19. Christmas Tree Rabbit Toy

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect gift for your rabbit, this nontoxic Christmas tree chewing toy is the perfect solution. The 6-inch tree, made from carefully sourced wood, is made to endure months of chewing and playtime.

20. Rabbit Christmas Stocking Toy Set

If 1 toy isn’t enough for your rabbit, this stocking toy set will do the trick. Each holiday stocking comes with 8 durable toys all made for heavy chewers. Just like the previous toy, these are made from carefully sourced wood from the United States only.

Watch these Huskies help their humans prepare their Christmas tree:

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21. Christmas “Cake” Bird Toy

Homemade charm is what makes this bird toy so appealing. The Christmas “cake” themed toy will give your bird something to chew, shred and forage and is made only with bird-safe materials. Simply clip it to your bird’s cage and enjoy their fun.

22. Snowman Bird Perch

Deck your bird’s cage out in a holiday theme even more with the Snowman Bird Perch. This perch, made with natural wood and eco-friendly paint, hangs from your bird’s cage to give them an extra spot to hang out and explore.

23. Candy Cane Bird Toy

The candy cane toy is made with bird-safe materials and 2 festive bells on both ends for extra fun. The quick-link cage connector makes it simple to switch out from time to time.

24. Small Pet Playground

The Alfie Small Pet Maze gives gerbils, mice, chinchillas, rats or hamsters the chance to exercise their physical and mental brawn over the holidays. The maze is compact, measuring less than 1 foot in diameter, and offers 14 entrance holes with 12 compartments for your small pet to explore.

25. Aquarium Christmas Tree

Your aquarium pets deserve some holiday cheer, too. The tank decor starts out as a bare trunk, but — when given the chance to grow inside your aquarium — it will blossom into a mossy, festive pine tree.

If you get your rabbit a toy this holiday season, make sure it’s something safe to chew on. Photo: mamkaklass

For Beauty Queens and Kings

26. Derby Originals Dog Coat

This well-constructed coat has a rip-stop, waterproof outer layer and poly-fill insulation. Multiple sturdy buckles are adjustable on both the chest and stomach for snug fits.

27. Midlee Dog Santa Boots

Velcro straps make the boots easy to adjust and stay on your dog’s paws, and rubber soles add both traction and protection from the elements.

28. Monogrammed Collar

Is your dog prone to breaking free and roaming the neighborhood? This soft-leather monogrammed collar will help keep them safe and sound, with large lettering and numbering right on the collar.

29. Dog Holiday Bow Ties

The full set of bowties includes 20 ties, with half of them dedicated to the holidays. Each set also comes with gold-colored jingle bells to top the look off. The bowties are adjustable between 8 and 13 inches and are best suited for small dogs or cats.

30. Holiday-Scented Pet Cologne

The warm vanilla, pumpkin gingerbread or caramel apple scents will keep both your pet and house smelling fresh and festive.

Who says pets can’t be fashionable? Photo: nemandi

31. Hidden Litter Box

This faux terra cotta pot and plant discreetly house a large litter box, meaning you can place it anywhere you want without it ruining your home’s decor. It even has a filtered vent system to control the smell.

32. Marshall Ferret Sweatshirt

There’s no doubt your pet will be the center of attention in this. Dress them up and let the selfies begin. The sweatshirt runs a bit large, so check the measurements before ordering.

33. Small Pet Santa Hat

The soft, flannel hat has an adjustable Velcro strap to hold it in place, and while it might not stay on for too long, it’ll certainly upgrade your holiday family photos this year.

For Lazy Loungers

34. Memory Foam Dog Bed

If your dog loves to lounge, a memory foam dog bed will make their day. It has a foam base with an attachable, supportive bolster, and the cover is fully removable for easy washing.

35. Kitty Crinkle Sack

The Kitty Crinkle Sack is like a cozy sleeping bag for your cat. It looks so comfortable, it might even spur a little envy in yourself (the inside is lined with lambswool).

Why not a Santa hat for your pup? Photo: Spiritze

36. Ferret Bear Rug

The Marshall Bear Rug was made with ferrets in mind, but any small pet can enjoy it. The outside is made of soft fleece, and the inside is accessible through holes in the bear’s legs and mouth, giving your pet a new place to burrow.

37. Winter Bird Cave

This winter cave will make a wonderful addition to your bird’s cage this holiday season. It hangs directly from the top of the cage and is made with soft fleece to keep your bird warm and cozy. The cave is best suited for small birds, such as parakeets.

For Techies

38. Furbo Dog Camera

See what they’re doing via the HD camera, toss them treats throughout the day and even receive notifications when they’re barking. With 2-way audio, you can chat with your dog and even do a little training — all from your desk at work.

39. iFetch

After either you or your dog drops a tennis ball into its large opening, the iFetch launches the ball for your dog to chase. With a little training, fetch time can become completely hands-free.

40. Link Smart Dog Collar

The Link Smart Collar acts as a GPS tracking device for your dog, plus so much more. By connecting to the Link app, you can locate a lost dog, trigger training noises (think clicker training), detect dangerous temperatures, track activity, store vet records and even record walks.

To use the Link Smart Collar, you’ll need to sign up for a monthly service plan, which also gives you an extended warranty and complimentary access to the Pet Poison Helpline.

Even smaller pets can take part in the joy of the holiday season. Photo: PepaLove

41. Clever Pet Hub

The Clever Pet Hub is a food station for your pet that combines eating time with mental stimulation. Lights and sensors are operated by innovative technology that gives your pets puzzles to solve to access food or treats.

Connect the Pet Hub with an app and keep track of your pet throughout the day. It can store up to 2.5 cups of food or treats, which can be dispensed at levels adjusted by you.

42. Helmet Pet Cam With Laser Pointer

You’ve probably seen pet cameras that dispense treats, but this one’s made specifically for cats, with a laser pointer you can control from the camera’s app. Check in on your cat while you’re away at work and add a little playtime in, too.

Pet Sitter Picks

43. Organic Grass Growing Kit

This is for those cats who just love to chew on your plants. This little planter comes with organic soil, organic seed mix and a lead-free planter to put it together.

It’s inexpensive and easy for anyone to put together — and your cats will have a completely organic plant they can nibble on whenever they want.

This dog can’t get enough of the spinning dreidel:

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44. Pioneer Pet Smartcat Ultimate Scratching Post

I have a client who has 2 of these in her home, and I am here to tell you that they are fantastic.

Standing at 32 inches tall, they’re high enough for your cats to get a good, long stretch and scratch in. They look large, but for their size, they don’t take up much room. The downside is that if you have climbers, this is not going to be sturdy enough for them to perch on.

Most likely, as they make their leap down, your cats are going to knock it over. (I will say, though, as a complete klutz, I’ve physically run into these while in my client’s home, and they haven’t budged.) However, the top part really isn’t large enough to tempt any but the most stubborn “perchers.”

45. Kong Jumbler Football Toy

Some dogs just seem to utterly destroy any toy they’re given. You almost feel like you could hand them a concrete block and they’d pulverize it.

Well, there may be hope — this toy gets excellent reviews from people with several different breeds of dog, including pit bulls, Belgian Malinois and Labs. There is a squeaker and a ball inside the toy that entice dogs to play with it, but it’s extremely durable.

Most reviewers state that their dog has yet to kill this toy, although the minority do say that their dog was able to tear off a piece — or two.

46. Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser

I bought this about 6 months ago for my cat, and it’s held up beautifully. It’s inexpensive and fun for cats.

It’s easy to use — just fill it with kibble or treats, align the openings to dispense and place it on the floor for the cat. They will quickly learn that batting this ball around rewards them handsomely.

I have to be honest, though: At 15 years old, my cat isn’t so much about the play as he is the food.

47. KONG Wobbler Treat-Dispensing Dog Toy

The biggest version of this toy is almost comically large. It’s tough, durable and provides great entertainment for easily bored dogs.

It’s weighted at the bottom to provide the wobble and can hold varying amounts of kibble, depending on what size KONG you purchase. The biggest downside I have noticed is that smaller kibbles and treats will fall out of the nonadjustable hole.

48. 3x Yeowww! 100% Organic Catnip Stinkies Sardines

You might think to steer clear of anything with the word “Stinkies” in the name, but your cat would be missing out.

These cat toys are stuffed with organic catnip, and the exterior of the toy is made up of natural cotton twill. These inexpensive sardine toys get resoundingly good reviews, and the consensus is that cats love them.

49. Niteangel Luxury Double-Bunk Bed Hammock

If you need gifts for ferrets or rats, this is a great option. This hammock can comfortably fit 2 ferrets or 5 adult rats.

Reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with people saying that the hammock is soft and durable and almost all their pets love it.

It’s easy to install with clips that attach right to the cage, providing a cozy place for tuckered-out pets to cuddle and snooze.

50. Hugs Pet Products Whack-A-Mouse Cat Toy

Remember that Whack-a-Mole game you used to love? Now there’s one for cats, and you can play, too.

This fun game allows you to play with your cats by controlling the mouse. You simply sit on the side of the board and use the mouse wand to poke the mouse through the hole, intriguing and entertaining your cats. This toy is relatively inexpensive and by all accounts durable.

* * *

There you have it — our top 50 picks for pet presents this holiday season. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have some shopping to do!