“Thank you for all you do, Petful! You probably saved our little dog’s life.” —Tony & Cheryl T.

What Makes Petful So Doggone Special?

At Petful®, we are passionate about giving our readers the tools to help their pets live longer, happier lives.

We offer thousands of well-researched articles written by experts. Topics include everything from pet health and behaviors to training and grooming. And that’s not all. We also keep things fun with interactive quizzes, cute photos and heartwarming videos.

Vet-approved advice for pet lovers everywhere

Expertly written articles on dog and cat behaviors, training, grooming and more

Valuable advice for pet parents, who trust us to bring them the best pet care tips


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Incredible Growth, Year After Year

Petful has seen 560% growth since 2013.

The reason behind this growth? We are connecting with an audience that is just as passionate as we are about helping pets live happier, healthier lives.

As one regular reader named Dale S. put it, “We are so grateful that you are there for us pet lovers.”


Petful.com Yearly Pageviews

More Facts & Stats About Petful’s Audience

  • 66% of our readers are women, and 34% are men.
  • About half of our audience is 25–44 years old.
  • Nearly 70% of Petful readers are located in the United States.
  • They are especially interested in pet food and related products.
  • Their other interests include shopping, dining, traveling, entertainment, and home & garden.
  • We have 30,500+ Facebook followers .
  • Our email list of about 30,000 subscribers has an open rate of 47.9%, far above industry average.
Petful Email Campaigns
Petful email open rate
February–December 2018

Petful Readers Are …


70% agree that Petful is their “favorite source for pet advice”


56% are more likely to buy a product that we recommend


26% regularly spend $100 or more per month on their pets

Sources: Google Analytics; MailChimp; proprietary audience survey

3 Things Petful Is Doing Right Now

  1. We are saving pets’ lives. Our U.S. pet food recall alerts, as well as our timely articles about health and safety, are putting vital, life-saving information in the hands of people with pets.
  2. We go beyond “fluff.” Sure, we love cute photos, but we also aren’t afraid to put time and resources into difficult topics that affect our readers’ lives. For example, our 5-day special report “Gunned Down: Why Are So Many Dogs Being Shot by Police?” made a splash when it debuted and went on to be used as part of legally mandated training of the Atlanta Police Department.
  3. We truly want to make a difference. Each year, we donate thousands of dollars to deserving animal charities. As a result, countless pets all over the country have been helped.


We Want to Help You Get Results

“We were very impressed with the level of engagement that was achieved with our sponsored post on Petful. It provided some fantastic product feedback.” —Kim Goldsworthy, Heyrex Limited


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