Animal Communicator: When You Want to Truly Talk to Your Pet

In this article, we explain what an animal communicator does, and when it might be appropriate for you to contact an animal communicator about your pet.

animal communicator
An animal communicator may be right for your situation. Photo: cocoparisienne

Years ago, I was chatting with an old family friend about an animal communicator who lived on her street.

“Do you know her?” I asked. “Does she seem legit?”

“Yes, I think so,” Lib replied. “I talked to her once.”

I was inclined to give the animal communicator the benefit of the doubt. Lib was a spiritual woman, but she also had a really good B.S. detector.

Those of us who love pets know they have many ways of communicating with us. But is it possible to actually communicate with them on a deeper level?

Animal Communicator: Both a Business and a Calling

Animal communication is a business like any other business: Some of the practitioners are legit, and some aren’t.

It’s that simple.

So, you’ll need to do a little research before meeting and talking with an animal communicator, and then listen to your gut when you do.

Having said all that, I will add that all the animal communicators I’ve interviewed over the years have struck me as being sincere. To them, their work is a true calling.

Barb Borkowski, Animal Communicator

Even as a young child, Barb Borkowski of The Healing Journey was something of a medical empath where animals were concerned. If a pet hurt, she felt their discomfort.

Borkowski didn’t fully understand what this link was until she was an adult and began taking massage therapy classes.

In the process, she learned not only “about the energy fields of all living things” but also that “there was finally a name” for it.

Gigi Kast, Animal Communicator

Gigi Kast also had a powerful feeling for animals and nature from an early age.

But it was only after she had “a really in-my-face” psychic experience involving her cat Ruby that all the dots connected themselves.

Ruby had gone missing. After a few days of anxious searching, Kast remembers saying to herself, “Damn! I’m going to find her in a dream.”

“And that night, I did,” she says. “The next morning, I found her body exactly where I had in the dream.”

What does an animal communicator do?
What does an animal communicator do? Photo: ivanovgood

What Does an Animal Communicator Do?

“When I make on-site calls, I use Reiki while relaying the information to the owners about their pet,” Borkowski explains. “When working remotely, I look at a picture of the animal.”

Simply by studying the photo, she can tell what’s bothering the cat.

“The info comes into my mind, and I write it down,” she says. “The majority of issues are related to the home environment. Animals are very sensitive to human emotions.”

So her work “involves the pet owners, not just the pets.”

Kast says that she, too, asks clients to send her photos. For her, the answers come through images or even a story.

“The healing may be in the mental story. The problem that’s going on, whether it’s emotional or physical, may have its beginning in another time,” Kast says.

Often, a healing will happen over the phone while Kast is talking with a cat’s person, “and I energetically work with them. I channel however this is to happen — perhaps through sound, movement or seeing the vibration shift with color.”

animal communicator for pets
We all want to talk with our pets. Sometimes an animal communicator might help. Photo: zeevveez

Are Reiki Practitioners Also Animal Communicators?

Animal communicators are frequently Reiki practitioners, but Reiki practitioners aren’t necessarily animal communicators.

“During a Reiki session, the practitioner feels a deep energetic connection to an animal,” explains writer and Reiki Master Practitioner Ingrid King.

“Every practitioner senses this connection in a different way,” King says. “I don’t receive ‘communications’ from the animals I work with in the same sense that animal communicators do.”

However, she may “get a sense of an area of the body that is energetically out of balance,” she says.

In this video, animal communicator Marta Williams talks about how you can communicate intuitively with your pet:

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Why Consult an Animal Communicator?

There are many answers to this question.

A pet could be missing or ill, and the caretaker doesn’t know where else to turn. Or there could be behavioral issues, just to name a few examples of when it may be appropriate to consult an animal communicator about your pet.

A friend of mine contacted an animal communicator about a beloved cat she had just lost. She shared the transcript with me, and it rang true.

We all want to talk with our pets. Sometimes we just need a little help.