Recalled: Primal Pet Foods, Freeze-Dried (Dog & Cat)

The company says bones were ground too large for the pet food. Just a few specific formulas are involved in this recall.

Maker: Primal Pet Foods
Cause: Bone grind size too large
Announcement: Company announcement on social media, Dec. 22, 2017
What was recalled: Only these specific products:


  • Canine Chicken Freeze Dried Formula, 14 oz., Batch #s 2D1101817, 3D3100317, 1D4100317, 2D2100317, 1D5102717, 1D6101717 and 2D6100317
  • Canine Duck Freeze Dried Formula, 14 oz., Batch #s 1D4100117, 1D5100817, 2D7100117, 2D1092517, 2D7100817, 1D8100217, 2D5100117, 3D5100117, 3D6100817, 1D10101817 and 3D10101817
  • Canine Duck Freeze Dried Formula, 5.5 oz., Batch #1D5100117
  • Canine Turkey Freeze Dried Formula, 5.5 oz., Batch #1D892617
  • Canine Turkey Freeze Dried Formula, 14 oz., Batch #s 3D1092517, 1D392517, 1D592517, 4D692517, 2D892617, 1D8100217 and D10100217


  • Feline Chicken-Salmon Freeze Dried Formula, 14 oz., Batch #s 2D2100217, 1D1100217, 2D9100217 and 1D4100217
  • Feline Chicken-Salmon Freeze Dried Formula, 5.5 oz., Batch #1D3100217
  • Feline Turkey Freeze Dried Formula, 14 oz., Batch #s 2D10100317, 2D8100317, 1D7100217, 3D5100317, 1D5101617, 1D6100317 and1D10101717
  • Feline Turkey Freeze Dried Formula, 5.5 oz., Batch #s 1D5100317 and 1D10101717

This is the 3rd pet food recall in Primal Pet Foods’ history, though it is the 1st ever dog food recall for the company (the previous recalls, for cat foods, were in 2015 and 2011).

Matthew R. Koss, the company’s founder and president, released the news in a letter on social media, stating, “As these products do not meet our precise specifications, we are requesting that these specific products and lot codes be returned to the Primal retailer at which the product was originally purchased for full credit.”

Koss said the bone grind size was about 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch above the ideal. He added, “We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to you and your pets.”

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