Best Grooming Tables for Small Dogs

When choosing a grooming table, consider the animal’s comfort — and your own.

The right table can certainly help a groomer out. By: Petful

There’s little doubt that large breeds require a certain kind of table for grooming, but what about small- or medium-sized dogs?

The truth is, the right table can benefit them as well.

When it comes to large-breed dogs, a specific table can help lessen the work for the dog as much as or more so than for the groomer. With the small breeds, the greater benefit is certainly to the groomer.

Rotating Tables

When you’re working with a small dog, a rotating table (affiliate link) can be quite an asset. Not having to move around a table top to inspect legs to see if they’re even can save you time and keep the dog more relaxed.

A hydraulic or electric table that can also rotate will help with this. There are also tables that sit on table tops. These are round and look almost like a pizza serving tray — and they’re ideal for toy breeds.

These tables are small and tend to keep dogs from wanting to walk off the edge. They usually come with a grooming arm as well. This table can sit on a counter for the groomer to work on the dog or can be placed on another table.

Folding Grooming Tables

These are among the most common tables out there, and they work well for small dogs for several reasons:

  • Smaller, lighter breeds don’t need sturdier tables.
  • The table folds up for easy travel.
  • Small breeds don’t need large table bases.

The best reason to get a folding table is if you’ll be collapsing it often because you’re either traveling with it or just trying to save space at home.

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This video highlights some things to look for in folding grooming tables:

Hydraulic Grooming Tables

Most professionals will steer you in the direction of a quality hydraulic grooming table for your small- or medium-breed dogs. These are designed with the groomer’s comfort in mind.

Obviously, not all dogs are the same size, so working on an incrementally adjustable table will help lessen the strain on everyone involved.

No Need for Electric Grooming Tables

If you’re in the salon and looking for a table on which to groom your tiny dogs, an electric table might be overkill. This table is designed with heavyweights in mind.

It can be quickly lowered all the way to the ground so large dogs can step on it and then get raised to a comfortable level for grooming. Though it is possible to groom your little dogs on this table, you don’t necessarily have to get one for them.

No matter the dog’s size, an adjustable table can help prevent pain and injury for both pet and groomer. By: Patti Abbott

Why Height Matters

Working in a salon is physical work, even if the salon specializes in small dogs. Cleaning up a group of dogs at a kennel for a dog show can also be strenuous. As a result, it’s not unusual to see groomers who have been at it for many years with wrist support or shoulder problems.

Help eliminate these health problems by getting the right equipment, starting with a table. Here are 4 areas where you’ll see benefits from an adjustable grooming table for your small dog:

1. Your Neck

When looking down at a dog, you’re craning your neck at an uncomfortable angle. This can strain your muscles, cause headaches and lead to tension throughout your back.

2. Your Shoulders

Working on a dog who is directly in front of you and at the optimal height can help lessen the strain on your shoulders. The dog will be raised to a comfortable level, allowing you to easily get the groom done without a lot of fuss.

3. Your Back

Many groomers want to sit down while working on a cut. If you have a table that doesn’t adjust to other heights, there’s a good chance this is going to be uncomfortable, so find a way to take the strain off your back with an adjustable chair or something similar.

4. Your Pet

Adjusting the height of a table to a comfortable level while working on a small- or even a medium-sized dog can help pets feel less nervous. Because the groomer isn’t straining to reach the animal, there’s a good chance the groomer is relaxed and this in turn will put the dog more at ease.

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Editor’s Note: This is another installment in a periodic series of articles from Petful for the do-it-yourself groomer. Previous articles in this series include DIY Dog ShampooHow to Make a Grooming Table for Your Dog and How to Make a Grooming Table Arm.

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