Chicken Jerky Recall: Waggin’ Train, Canyon Creek Ranch and Milo’s Kitchen

But the recall apparently has nothing to do with what’s REALLY poisoning pets that eat these jerky treats.

chicken jerky recall 2013 After being pressed for several years by concerned pet owners to recall their chicken jerky dog treats because of mysterious illnesses and deaths of pets, Waggin’ Train, Canyon Creek Ranch and Milo’s Kitchen today finally pulled the treats from the shelves.

But the voluntary recalls apparently have nothing to do with those longtime concerns about tainted jerky treats made in China. What it finally took to get the jerky treats off store shelves “until further notice” appears to have been testing that turned up traces of antibiotics.

The New York State Department of Agriculture discovered the residue, and the companies issued the recalls shortly thereafter.

Hey, whatever it takes. I’m just glad those treats are finally gone — at least for now.

Recalled Products

  • All Waggin’ Train brand dog treats
  • All Canyon Creek Ranch brand dog treats
  • Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Jerky and Chicken Grillers home-style dog treats

These three product lines have been the primary sources of jerky that has sickened pets across the country. The contaminant in the products has not been determined yet, but it’s almost certainly not the antibiotic residue. Nestlé Purina, in announcing the recall, all but said the antibiotic residue is a mere technicality, adding that it “does not pose a safety risk to pets.”

UPDATE: There’s some persuasive speculation that the combination of antibiotics found in the treats may very well be our culprit after all. Very interesting. More on this here.

Complaints started rolling in to the FDA in 2007 about these treats. Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea and kidney problems. Several hundred dogs and at least one cat have died as the products remain under intense scrutiny and investigation.

The FDA says it has been working hard to determine exactly what it is about the treats that is causing the sicknesses.

Will we ever really know?


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