Cat Food Advice

Cat food adviser

Cat Food Advice

Cat food adviser

Properly feeding your pet is one of your most important tasks as its caretaker. If you’re hungry for a “cat food adviser,” you’ll find plenty of resources on our site to help you along the way. For starters, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of cat food brands out there — how’s a person to choose just one?

If you’re wondering what kind of commercial pet food you should feed your cat, our biggest advice is to think beyond Whiskas. Ingredients matter! Here are our current picks as far as “the good stuff” on the shelves.

Best canned cat foods: Wellness Chicken, Natural Balance (indoor), Newman’s Own Organics Chicken and Brown Rice, Weruva Paw Lickin’ Chicken.

Best dry cat foods: Orijen 6 Fish, Wellness CORE Fish and Fowl, Natural Balance Ultra Premium, Merrick Before Grain Salmon, Nature’s Variety Instinct.

More Advice About Cat Food

Now we’d like you to read this our article What Is the Best Cat Food, and How to Choose? In this article we explain how the age of your cat can affect the diet, how pet food labels contain critical information, what ingredients to avoid, why “going vegetarian” is not okay for a cat, common household foods to avoid, and more.

Don’t forget to check the latest cat food recall announcements. Bookmark our list of recent pet food recalls.

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