Recalled: Hollywood Feed Carolina Made Jerky Treats

The company acted quickly after its tests revealed a problem, and none of these products were distributed to customers. Get the full details here.

Maker: Carolina Prime Pet, Inc.
Cause: Potential for salmonella contamination
Announcement: FDA enforcement reports with recall initiation date of Sept. 27, 2023 (archived here)
What was recalled: The following Hollywood Feed jerky treats:

  • Hollywood Feed Carolina Made USA Farm Raised Beef Jerky (5 oz. / 141g; Lot 20082323; Best by 02/25/25 L2)
  • Hollywood Feed Carolina Made USA Farm Raised Chicken Jerky (5 oz. / 141g; Lot 20082323; Best by 02/25/25 L2)
  • Hollywood Feed Carolina Made Wild Elk Jerky (5 oz. / 141g; Lot 20082423; Best by 02/24/25 L2)
  • Hollywood Feed Carolina Made Pork Jerky (6 oz. / 141g; Lot 20082523; Best by 02/25/2025 L2)
  • Hollywood Feed Carolina Made USA Farm Raised Turkey Jerky (6 oz. / 141g; Lot 20082423; Best by 02/24/2025 L2)

Carolina Prime Pet, Inc. has issued a recall for 5 of its jerky pet treat varieties. This decision came after a customer, Hollywood Feed, LLC, based in Memphis, TN, reported that the products tested positive for salmonella.

The recall, which was initiated on September 27, 2023, was not widely publicized since all the affected products were exclusively supplied to Hollywood Feed.

According to eFoodAlert, all of the recalled items have been removed from the Hollywood Feed warehouse. Thankfully, none of these products made their way to the consumers, thanks to the swift action taken by both companies.

Safety History

Carolina Prime Pet has maintained a relatively clean record since its establishment in 1998. The only other recall from the company was in 2012, when 2 lot codes of Priority Total Pet Care All Natural Bullstrips were recalled due to salmonella contamination, as detected by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

The FDA has inspected Carolina Prime Pet’s manufacturing facility 4 times since 2009. In all instances, no objectionable conditions were found. The last inspection was a decade ago, in September 2013.

A Replacement Supplier — And a Recall

Interestingly, Hollywood Feed hinted at supplier issues in a comment on their website on Sept. 18.

They stated, “Our supplier has not been able to be consistent. We are discontinuing Pennsylvania Made and replacing with Carolina Made jerky. The Carolina Made will be better in supply with the same great quality, but at a lesser price.”

The new supplier? Carolina Prime Pet — which issued this recall 9 days later.

Jerky Treats and Salmonella

Salmonella contamination is a serious concern with jerky pet treats. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling jerky products. Additionally, it’s advisable to keep young children away from these treats to ensure their safety.

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