Various Pet Foods Recalled by 400+ Family Dollar Stores in 6 States

Warning: If you bought any pet food recently from these specific Family Dollar locations in AL, AR, LA, MO, MS or TN, you need to see this now.

Maker: Various national brands
Cause: Presence of rodents at a distribution center
Announcement: FDA recall notice dated Feb. 18, 2022 (archived here); full list of stores (archived here)
What was recalled: All pet food and treats sold at certain Family Dollar locations in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi and Tennessee

Any and all pet food — whether it’s a can of Alpo or a bag of the “good stuff” — has been recalled from 404 Family Dollar stores in the South because a distribution center in Arkansas had an apparent rodent infestation.

Pet food is not the only thing being recalled from these stores. The recall also covers non-frozen/non-refrigerated human foods, medical devices and drug products, too.

“There are numerous hazards associated with rodents, including the potential presence of salmonella,” the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) noted in its recall announcement.

Here is the full list of affected Family Dollar store locations.

The FDA noted that it is not aware of any illnesses associated with this recall.

The recall does not apply to other store locations. It involves only 404 stores out of more than 8,000 stores nationwide.

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