Caution: Dog Gone Dog Treats Linked to Salmonella Cases

These dehydrated dog treats were sold in just a few stores in Massachusetts. They are linked to at least 3 cases of salmonella infection in humans.

Photo of Dog Gone Dog Treats "Beef Liver Chips" flavor package showing the dehydrated dog treats.
All recipes of Dog Gone Dog Treats were ordered removed from stores, including the Beef Liver Chips pictured here. (Photo: Food Poison Journal)

Maker: Dog Gone Dog Treats
Cause: Potential for salmonella
Announcement: Press release from Massachusetts Department of Public Health dated Feb. 16, 2022 (archived here)
What was removed from stores: All dog treats, including Chicken Chips, Beef Liver Chips and Sweet Potato Chips

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health is advising consumers who have any Dog Gone Dog Treats to dispose of them.

There have been 3 cases of salmonella infection linked to individuals handling these dog treats. The cases include 2 adults in their 70s and 1 child; all are residents of Essex County, Mass.

One open bag from a customer and several unopened bags purchased in early February tested positive for salmonella bacteria.

Dog Gone Dog Treats are dehydrated treats made in Georgetown, Mass., and they include Chicken Chips, Beef Liver Chips, and Sweet Potato Chips. They are sold at Essex County Co-Op in Topsfield, New England Dog Biscuit Company in Salem, Gimme Chews & Moore in Haverhill, and Animal Krackers in Gloucester.

Although this is apparently not being called a “recall,” all stores have been ordered to remove any existing product from their shelves, and no additional product is currently being made. If you have any at home that you purchased re, dispose of them.

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