Recalled: Billy+Margot Wild Kangaroo + Superfoods Recipe

Certain bags of this kangaroo-based dry dog food formula are being recalled because of possible salonella contamination. Full details here.

Photo of a bag of Billy+Margot Wild Kangaroo + Superfoods Recipe
Billy+Margot Wild Kangaroo + Superfoods Recipe

Maker: Real Pet Food Company
Cause: Potential for salmonella contamination
Announcement: FDA report dated Sept. 22, 2020 (archived here)
What was recalled: 4 lb. bags of Billy+Margot Wild Kangaroo + Superfoods Recipe dry dog food, with lot code “V 07 Feb 2022”

Just the single lot of this dog food — with the lot number on the bag that is listed above — is part of this limited U.S. recall by Real Pet Food Company. No other Billy+Margot products are affected.

According to the recall announcement, a random sampling program detected salmonella in this lot of dog food. So far, no pet or human illnesses have been reported.

The affected Billy+Margot dog food was sold in retail stores nationally in the United States, although the parent company is headquartered in Australia. The brand’s Wild Kangaroo + Superfoods Recipe contains raw wild Australian kangaroo meat, chicken, lentils, peas and chickpeas, as well as 30% “superfoods and wholesome ingredients,” according to the packaging.

If you have any bags of this product with the lot number listed above, do not feed it to your dog. Return the product to the place of purchase for a full refund, or call the company at 800-467-5494 if you have any questions.

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