The Best Kind of Litter Box for Longhaired Cats

Here are some guidelines to ensure you choose a litter box that’s just right for your longhaired cat’s unique needs.

Litter boxes are not created equal. By: Jorbasa
Litter boxes are not created equal. By: Jorbasa

You cat folks out there know that one of the most basic items to always have on hand from Day 1 is a litter box.

If you didn’t have one, your kitten would simply go wherever she wanted and make a mess of your home in the process.

There are tons of litter boxes out there — shallow sides, higher sides, completely enclosed. And there are different sizes ranging from almost kitten-sized to as large as the fattest cat you can imagine.

So, then, which litter box is best for your cat?

Obviously, some of the decision-making process will be totally subjective. But there are a few guidelines you can follow to ensure you choose a litter box that’s just right for your pet’s unique situation.

In this article, we’ll dive into what makes the best litter boxes for longhaired cats — because longhaired cats have special considerations.

Why It Makes a Difference

You may be wondering why longhaired cats might need a particular litter box when compared to shorter-haired cats. The answer is simple:

Because their fur is longer, it is much more likely that they will get litter stuck to it if you don’t have the right box or litter (or don’t clean it regularly).

The good news is that by selecting the right litter box (and a great litter), you can help that long hair stay beautiful and clean, and also prevent the mess around your home.

Now let’s discuss the three biggest factors to consider when shopping around: 1) whether the box is covered or not; 2) how big it is; and 3) what type of litter to use. Here are my top three recommendations for people with longhaired cats:

1. Get a Covered Litter Box

Although some cats will want privacy in order to do their business, almost all will still want an easy escape route of some sort. This is just a precaution in case they get startled or if another cat in the household approaches them. Hey, it’s a cat thing.

Opt for uncovered litter boxes, even if they might create more odors in your home (another reason to scoop regularly). An uncovered litter box will also make it more unlikely that your longhaired cat will NOT emerge sprinkled with litter.

2. Get a Large Litter Box

As with an uncovered litter box, a larger box will make it less likely that your cat will get litter stuck to her. She will have more room to move around and avoid clumps or dirty areas in the box. Simple as that.

3. Settle on a Litter That Your Cat Loves

Wondering if you should buy one of those upscale litter brands made specifically for cats with long hair?

It’s not necessary to get a specialty litter as long as you select carefully.

The main difference in these specialty litters is the size of the litter particles and the fact that they are mostly non-clumping. Both of these features serve to keep your longhaired cat as litter-free as possible, so just look for a similar product.

Litter Box Cleaning

No matter what kind of cat, or how long the fur, there’s one thing that stays the same: You’ve got to keep everything clean for your cat.

To learn how often to clean the box and replace the litter, you’ll find some helpful advice in this video:

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Is Your Cat Still Tracking Litter?

You might consider trimming the fur. Your cat may not enjoy the process, but she will no doubt happy with the results — fur without litter.

Pay attention to where the litter collects and then trim the fur in those areas. The most common problem areas are the rear end and paws. If you don’t feel comfortable trimming the fur yourself, take your pet to a qualified groomer.