10 Things Your Dog Wishes You Knew

We all talk to our puppies. It’s a part of our nature, but in reality they don’t care what we are saying.

Sometimes it’s hard to, like, say what you really mean, isn’t it? Photo: Peter Taylor

You and your dog are probably very close. But because you speak different languages, communication can be difficult at times. What if you had a link to your pup’s brain and could get a clue on what she’s thinking?

Here are some things your dog probably wishes you knew to make your relationship better.

1. You Don’t Own Me

You may think you “own” your dog, but the reverse is true as well. When she is close to you, that’s because she thinks you are hers and wants to keep you safe.

She’ll rub you or sit on your foot, and while you’re thinking she’s needy, she’s actually trying to put his smell there to tell other dogs to back off (or get a better angle for a belly rub).

2. I Know How You Feel

Another thing your dog wishes you knew is that she knows how you feel. In reality, it goes much further than that. Your dog not only knows how you feel, but she will feel the same. She will be happy when you are and stressed when you are.

3. I Get Cabin Fever

Some dogs get destructive or hyper when trapped in a home all day, and this is their way of telling you that they need to get out and do something.

Your dog wants you to know she was bred to run, play or hunt and needs this activity in her life. If your dog seems antsy, be sure to take her for a walk each day. Your furniture will thank you.

4. I Get Lonely

Although some dogs are fine when their humans leave home, others get upset. These dogs want you to know they aren’t behaving badly just because they ate your favorite book. They missed you, and it is their way of getting out anxiety because they feared you might not come back.

If your dog has separation anxiety, you can work with her to lessen it over time.

5. I Like a Flexible Routine

We tend to give our dogs either too much routine or not enough. In reality, you should compare your dog to a toddler in the sense that she needs a routine.

But keep in mind that a strict routine is not the best. Otherwise, your dog will end up waking you early even on weekends or holidays just to step outside.

“I’m just chewing because I’m bored, honest.” Photo: BuzzFarmers

6. I Don’t Remember Things Like You Do

If your dog does something wrong, she wants you to tell her what she did, and right away.

She wants you to know that she will associate anything you do (rewards or scolding) with what she just did. That means if you don’t scold her until later for something she did earlier, she won’t know why she’s in trouble.

7. I Don’t Speak That

We all talk to our puppies. It’s a part of our nature, but in reality they don’t care what we are saying. Your dog can recognize only certain sounds and words, so instead of relying on words to communicate, she wants you to use body language.

8. Your Tone Affects Me

Even though your dog prefers body language to words, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like it when you talk. She wishes you knew that she enjoys the sound of your voice — and that even if she doesn’t understand the words, she can guess the meaning from your tone of voice.

9. I Am Not a Child

Some of us get pets instead of having children, and that is perfectly fine; but that doesn’t mean you can treat your pooch like a child.

You have to remember that she wants to play, chase and do other dog things. She won’t want to play dress-up all the time, and you shouldn’t be too upset if she acts in a way you don’t understand.

10. I Have a Short Lifetime

One sad but true thing your dog wishes you realized is that her life will be much shorter than yours. It will only be between 7 and 15 years on average, and she wants to make the most of it.

Because your dog loves you, she wants to spend as much of this short life with you as she can. She’d prefer if you didn’t go on a trip and leave her behind and certainly wants you to keep her forever.