Layla, One of the Last Rescued “Vicktory Dogs,” Has Died

Twelve years after the Michael Vick dogfighting ring was discovered and busted, we salute the heroes who changed the world’s perception of dogs like these.

Photo: Best Friends Animal Society

Vicktory Dog: Mel

ADOPTED (AND STILL ALIVE AS OF JULY 17, 2019). At first, Mel shut down. He would not interact with humans. He was shaking uncontrollably, crouching in the corner, even convulsing in fear. When Mel began to feel safe was in his adopter’s home — his dog brother helped him adjust. However, Mel is a dog who has never barked. Ever. The only time he makes a sound is in his sleep. Today, he loves car rides, all dogs big and small, and sleeping under the covers with his head on the pillow.

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