Layla, One of the Last Rescued “Vicktory Dogs,” Has Died

Twelve years after the Michael Vick dogfighting ring was discovered and busted, we salute the heroes who changed the world’s perception of dogs like these.

Photo: Best Friends Animal Society

Vicktory Dog: Little Red

ADOPTED (DIED IN 2017). When Little Red first went to her forever home, she was afraid of everything. Sounds that we take for granted, such as putting dishes in the dishwasher, turning the pages of a magazine, water boiling on the stove — these were all new and scary. At first, she refused to go through doorways and had to be carried; her adopter realized that in the past, going through a door meant going into a terrible place.

As Little Red began to feel safe, she trusted her human to take her on walks through the countryside and discovered her love of “zooming” (all dog lovers will understand what “the zoomies” are). The quiet life in the country was perfect for her as she recovered in a place where she knew she was safe. Little Red died in 2017.

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