If your dog constantly follows you around the house, she could be suffering from separation anxiety and may need training to overcome it. By: billselak

Dogs are considered to be some of the happiest creatures on Earth. They also tend to have a special talent for expressing themselves, and this can come in many forms, including always following their families around out of sheer love.

Angel, my pampered chihuahua, knows when “Daddy” will come home from work each day. When it is almost that time, she will go to the door and sit. As soon as she spots his car turning into the driveway, she runs to find me. Then back to the door she goes, waiting for Daddy to come inside.

Once he’s inside, she always follows him everywhere, jumping up on his leg for attention. Sometimes she doesn’t seem to know when to stop following him around.


Why Your Dog May Follow You

Experts believe this behavior is mostly about security. You are your dog’s world. When you leave for a long period of time, your pet’s security is thrown.

If the constant following is out of control, it’s possible that your dog has separation anxiety (which is becoming more common, since so many dogs are left home alone as their families go off to work or school).

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Some Helpful Ways to Lessen Attachment

If you feel the need for space between you and your pooch, here are a few tips that may help, according to The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook:

  • Give your dog at least 30 minutes of exercise daily.
  • Work on commands (sit, stay, come, etc.).
  • Leave your dog with a tasty distraction, such as a toy stuffed with a food treat.

If you have a “Velcro” dog — who never leaves your side — A Better Life With Your Dog suggests that you start paying less attention to your pet. This seems insensitive but will be better for you and your pet in the long run.

Let Your Dog Sleep Next to You

You may be able to lessen his attachment to you by getting your dog a nice, comfy bed. Place the bed on the floor beside your own bed. This doesn’t have to be a permanent setup; just continue having him sleep next to you until the separation anxiety has improved through implementing the tips above in the daylight hours.

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Don’t forget: Dogs are social creatures. They detect changes in routines and need to know that things will soon get back to normal.

Watch an adorable Yorkie follow his human around in this video:

When you return home after a leave of absence and wonder, “Why does my dog always follow me everywhere?” know that your dog does this because she loves you and she is happy that you’ve made it back to her. Your clingy dog is a family member who needs a little reassuring that you’ll be there for her.

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  • http://www.doggydelight.co.uk David@ Bristol Dog Walking

    I think different breeds has a lot to do with it too. I have a Labrador and a Bullmastiff. The Lab follows me everywhere regardless of exercise, but the Bullmastiff expects you to come to him if he’s to give you any attention!

    • Michele

      I have a Lab also and totally agree with you. She’s a rescue and they had already named her Chica (sigh), but I would have named her Shadow. She’s always with me. Not pushy, but just there. I love it.

      • Ivory


        I think “Shadow” is a great name for a lab! How sweet she must be. Rescue dogs tend to follow more in my own experience.

        I also have a rescue that is firmly attached to my side. She is blond with blue eyes and spotted feet like those of a cattle herding breed. She was abandoned in the mountains as a pup, and when we found her she suffered terrible illnesses. Since her rescue she has severe abandonment issues. I feel sad for her, that she will never trust that I won’t abandon her. :(

        • http://www.petsadviser.com/ Pets Adviser

          Hi Ivory, thanks for stopping by. You’re right, it’s not uncommon for rescued pets to experience a separation anxiety from their new human pals. So sad.

          Try not to get frustrated. In most cases, time and patience are the cures. For severe cases, consult a professional about your pet behavior problems.

    • Koors

      I just got a Queensland heeler, mini Aussie mix. He follows the car when I leave. What do I do to make him stay by the house? We don’t have a fence.

  • KanKan

    I’ve got my own rescue — 2, actually. The big guy is a shih tzu / lhasa apso cross, and the little girl is a shih tzu / poodle mix. While the little girl treats everyone like a footstool, she does react accordingly when scolded, and even shows her guilt before we’ve found the mess she’s made with whatever she finds.

    The big guy, on the other hand, doesn’t make messes (unless someone leaves the garbage out), and is generally pretty quiet (being fixed really helped).

    He has an issue with following both my father and myself around the house, however. Endlessly, unless he’s busy suckling on his favorite toys (we figure he was weaned too early). It’s annoying, sure, but I think after better understanding behavior, I can cope with having a dog stalk me day after day.

    • http://www.petsadviser.com/ Pets Adviser

      Aww, how sweet. You’re right, though: there are worse behavioral problems he could have than loving you “too much.”

      • KanKan

        Oh, I know. When we first brought him into our home, he was very aggressive, and would mark everything around the house (we had to put down our 17-year-old shih tzu a few months prior, and his scent was still fresh). Now we’ve learned where his boundaries lie, and don’t do things to irritate him, such as picking him up. I’m just glad he respects us as leaders now. We weren’t so lucky in the beginning, hah!

  • Cayne

    I got a pit bull, and he follows me everywhere in the house and even outside the front and the back yard.

    He does not like to be alone as I got him from the RASPC shelter, but when he needs to protect me from anyone, such as a group of 5 or more, he walks right beside me. But this is at night and he eyes them till they are gone and not in sight.

    He even lets people know not to come in the house, cause he has a good deep bark and a growl to let them know this house is protected by him. Until I open the door and let the person in, he does this to anyone, even if he knows them.

    • http://www.petsadviser.com/ Pets Adviser

      Awww, well that’s sweet, Cayne. It must be nice to have a pet who is so loyal and protective. Thanks for sharing your story with us! -Dave

  • ccomire

    I have three dogs (choc. Lab, border collie and a sheltie), and they are all velcro dogs. OMG, I have to shut the bathroom door to be by myself. And they will lay right by that door with one paw under.

    They do not follow my husband or my son when they leave the room, but as soon as I get up, “Boom” — they are on their feet watching my every move. I trip over them!

    Please don’t get me wrong. I love them and adore them. But i need breathing room! They are up my butt every second. It’s like having your kids holding on to you and never letting go!

    • Erin

      I know exactly how you feel, but I only have one dog (and three small kids). I couldn’t imagine having three dogs following me! Our Rottie/GSD mix follows me around, lays at my feet, if I’m working in the kitchen she stands right in front of me between my legs and the counter. She generally drives me insane. Sometimes I command her to go away but she gets so sulky and depressed and I feel so guilty.


    • jellygator

      Same here… three dogs, a pittie, a mutt, and a Chihuahua, who will follow me to the bathroom and wait…and wait…and wait. I trip over them, too. They surround my office chair while I am at the computer. And they don’t do this to my husband or his daughter.

  • Linda

    My problem is my elder shih tzu has stopped following me around-she used to, till a few days ago, but now goes into the other bedroom, bedroom closet , or mud room, none of her traditional places….it’s very disconcerting. She won’t eat when her food is put down, waits about an hour or so-whats going on?

    • http://www.petsadviser.com/ Pets Adviser

      Not sure what’s happening here. But being that this is a senior dog suddenly experiencing a change in routine, we’d see a vet just to rule out any medical issues.

  • Nikki

    OK, so we were looking for a dog now for quite some time and finally my boyfriend comes across this ad on the web for a 4-year-old male dog. He’s chocolate Lab/some kind of bird dog.

    He’s beautiful, but oh my gosh the second he hit the door and saw me he flew behind me shaking. I was stunned at how scared he was, but at the same time after living in a home with his family for 4 years and just being uprooted, I didn’t really blame him. In fact, I felt soooo bad for him, so I know I had some crazy vibes.

    But OK, I’m so lost with him it’s not even funny because since the day he came running behind me he’s never — I mean never — left my side. We’ve had him for about a month now, and as I speak he’s hiding behind my chair. I can almost feel his nerves. Like I said, I’m lost because he is soooooo skiddish for a big guy — he jumps at every noise and he constantly thinks we’re gonna hit him.

    I hate it. I love him so much. He gets so scared he’ll knock one of the kids down if he needs to get away. He barks at everyone who comes through the door and doesn’t stop till they leave, except he’ll hide behind me the whole time. It’s mainly men but some women who have came over. Even my boyfriend’s two boys when they come, but he usually just slowly walks up to them and sniffs, then he’s fine.

    He paces around the house like crazy and sometimes I’m scared to get up cuz he’s finally passed out. I just need some ideas. As you all can tell I’m very confused.

    • http://www.petsadviser.com/ Pets Adviser

      Hi Nikki,

      It sounds like your dog may have been abused earlier, or he’s just anxious for whatever reason. You’ll need to build his trust over time, with a whole lot of patience and love.

      It sounds like he trusts YOU now, since this dog always follows you and won’t leave your side. That’s a good sign. Is he wetting the floor involuntarily? That’s another sign of fear/anxiety.

      In your interactions with him — and all other people’s interactions with him — you should do a few things to seem less threatening to the dog. Bend down to his level. Keep your voice cheerful. Don’t approach him — instead call him over and let him come to you (or to other people, like your boyfriend’s kids). Rub under his chin if he’ll let you — it’s a calming move. Give him treats to encourage his progress with social interactions. Get him used to being around men (desensitizing him).

      It’s important that you not yell or express frustration, or spook him in any way. In time, this dog is going to give back so much to you and you’ll be so much the better for having him as your best buddy.

      We’d suggest seeing a dog trainer or behaviorist to assess your pet and give you more pointers. Basic obedience training can help too.

      Best of luck Nikki!

  • Tanmy


    I’ve got a 2-month-old Lhasa apso (brown). He is a very energetic and so lovable doggie. He is so sharp in learning and understanding things.

    I feel happy for him for being so energetic and playful all the time, but at the same time he is very angry and doesn’t allow even me to handle him when angry. He chews almost EVERYTHING! His play-biting is becoming so bad. Though I try to divert him to his toys instead of my hand, he comes back with more force and bites much harder. I know that it’s a common thing among puppies. The worst part is that he was not in his litter for adequate days before coming to me. The breeder sold him when he was just a month-old puppy. I am worried about his temperament and anger.

    I don’t tie him up at any time of the day. Is this the main reason for him to behave so? Will his anger subside as he grows older?

    • http://www.petsadviser.com/ Pets Adviser

      Are you taking him on several walks a day, including one long 45-minute+ walk? Maybe’s he’s frustrated because he’s so energetic yet isn’t getting enough exercise. You may want to consider obedience classes.

      • Tanmy


        Thank you for your valuable advice. I was advised by my vet not to take him on to the road till he is 3 months old. That is the reason I wasn’t taking him for outdoor walks. I almost keep him on a run during his playtime (15 to 20 minutes, three or four times a day). As you said, he may be requiring more and more exercise.. 😀

        I try to calm him down when he is angry and growling with a stern “No!” I don’t think he can understand me well (Maybe I feel that he is too young for that).

        I give him Royal Canin (Mini starter mother and baby dog food) three times a day. Does this affect him in his behavior?

        • http://www.petsadviser.com/ Pets Adviser

          Right — 2 months is pretty young. The point is to let him work off some of that pent-up energy somehow. Long playtimes and lots of attention.

          The food wouldn’t be causing those behavioral issues.

          Shouting “No!” when he is angry and growling won’t get you anywhere; puppies aren’t children. Instead, you need to reward him when he “gets it right.”

          For example, don’t ever offer your hand for him to chew on. Give him a toy, and praise him when he chews on the toy. See the difference? You’re not yelling at him, you’re praising him, nurturing him.

          This is just our opinion, of course. Again, we’d highly recommend a few obedience classes or consulting a behaviorist.

    • Clive Burrell Melissa Green

      Hi I just wondered if your dog settled down in the end? I have a black lab whom is 5 months.old now. When I got her I was told she was 9 weeks old but I found out that she was only 5 weeks old. She was very very small. Now she still gets quite nippy with play biting etc. She os getting better slowly but just wondered of your dog settled down at all even with leaving the mother too early? Thanks

  • Vanessa

    We have a young dog (1 1/2) who is a pitt mix (according to the SPCA we rescued him from). We rescued him at 8 weeks of age.

    When he was a puppy he would follow us around (totally normal). He stopped being so clingy, and my husband deployed for 6 months. He came home and was home for 5 months before leaving again. When he left, Rally became obsessive over me. We have a new baby, and I can’t spend as much time with Rally, but he gets his exercise and we have special time when the baby is asleep. His obsession has reached far beyond the cute puppy things. He feels the need to always be near me, to the point where if I move from one couch to the other, he follows. When I sit on the couch he either is lying on my feet or is standing with his head on my lap. It’s like he always has to touch me.

    There is no aggression toward the baby whatsoever. My mom said he might be scared that if he isn’t always with me that I will leave too. Could this be the case, or am I doing something to make him feel insecure?

    • Kristine

      Hi Vanessa,

      I suspect the dog may have become uneasy because of your husband’s absence and may feel more protective of you knowing you’re alone. The dog sees him come and go, and he may be feeling a little nervous or unsure about what is going on. Since you are always there, I suspect he’s clinging to you to feel more secure and stable. Since you have noticed this change in his behavior, I would suggest trying to spend more time with him when you can and always supervising time with the baby. You did mention spending time with him when the baby sleeps, but are there other times you can be active with him? Perhaps talking him on a walk while pushing the baby in a stroller might help him relieve some stress while still spending time with you.  Let us know how it is working out.


  • chris

    my mother in laws chihuahua used to always keep to her self, now she wont stop following me and my wife around. she acting toataly out of her norm. anybody know whats going on here?

  • Ms Watts2014

    Hey I have a three year old chihuahua & not fixed….he wanna b under me all the time he would circle my bed until I say okay get up here…..I hate driving with him because he cry all the time even if the window down or getting back in the car to go home from park…my main issue is y….

  • Ms Watts2014

    Ps…..he very intelligent he listen & do wat I say!!!!

  • Achristineabbott

    I have 2 American Eskimo dogs called Sasha (female) Snowy(male) Both are 12 years old and I love them to death. I have had to leave them and go away sometimes for a week or 2 but they stay in our home with a live in – I do not put them into kennels. Lately since my last few trips away Snowy has become very attached to me. He follows me around the house and at nights sleeps upstairs – on the floor- next to me. In the morning he will not go downstairs unless I go with him. This is very worrying as I am leaving for a 5 weeks vacation trip and I am really nervous about leaving him. He does not eat too good and although he is healthy I worry that anything may go wrong whilst I am away. If I had not made the arrangements to go on this trip I would have thought twice about going and maybe not gone at all. Can you offer any suggestion of what I can do and will Snowy be alright when I go away. I will not plan such a long vacation again. I really appreciate a reply….concerned Christine

    • Kristine

      Hi Christine,

      Your dogs are a breed that crave companionship, so they are prone to separation anxiety.  Make sure you express to their caregiver that while you are away they will need additional attention and lots of activity to help keep them busy.  Exercise, playing, trips to the park, or even new toys and extra attention will be enough to keep them distracted and happy while you are gone.  Do you have family or friends that the dogs know who can visit while you are away?  Perhaps a familiar face popping in or taking them for a walk would be a welcomed distraction.  The more chances they have to expel energy should also help them reduce stress.

      American Eskimo dogs need a high amount of exercise and play and can become destructive if their needs are not met.  Ask what kind of activities and exercise your caregiver has planned and make sure it’s adequate to keep them active and energized while you are gone.  If there isn’t a plan in place, write one down so it’s followed when you are gone. 

      Some dog businesses also offer a doggie daycare service where your dogs can socialize with other dogs and get tons of playtime in every day.  Hopefully one of these suggestions will work for you, and let me know how Sasha and Snowy make out with this next trip.


  • Mary Lenahan

    My dog Scruffy has been following me around for 2 days. He is approximately 8 years old and is a poodle mix. He has always been clingy, but this is ridiculous. I can’t go anywhere without him being underfoot. He is scared of the vacuum cleaner, yet followed me around as I vacuumed this morning. We had several bad thunderstorms 3 days ago, so maybe he is still scared from them? It is very troubling because he already has separation anxiety. He is terrible in September when I go back to school. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Mary

  • RiRa


    my dog, Border Terrier x Jack Russell, is getting on a bit in her grand old age of 14 this year! When we first got her, I was three years old and she was 11 months old. She bit every single person in my family as she was a fiesty little cow (and still is, I must admit) but our relationship has grown so strong. She’s blind and has lumps all over her body, but she’s happy! As she has lumps, we warn the two youngest siblings not to go near her or anything without talking to her first and letting her know exactly where they are. With me, she knows. I don’t know how she does it but, as I approach her, she sniffs the air and relaxes which puts tears in my eyes. She’s so calm and relaxed when I cuddle her and loves being near things that belong to me. She never bites me on purpose (since Mum trained her up a bit!) but she’s so stubborn with others. She runs around like a puppy and I can still take her out for 45 minutes – 1 hour & 15 minutes.

    Getting to my point, she’s very clingy to me. She hates knowing that someone might be walking near me and follows me everywhere around the house. I’m not complaining about that, as I love the fact she finds me such good company for her but it’s annoying as she’s blind and bumps into things when trying to find me. If she hears my voice, for example, she’ll rush to find me.

    Mum is thinking of letting her go soon as she cannot drink excessively or eat excessively as she vomits, but I’m too afraid that will happen.

    Back to my point, why does she follow me so much? Is this true love she’s showing me? She’s my little cuddly doggy who I love with all my heart. Is this love? Or is it just a way to show she respects that I’m the leader?

    She also has a burst blood vessel in her ear which has been there pretty much all of her life – I’m aloud to touch it, cut the fur around it etc.

    Please let me know what this is – why does she follow me so much and interact with me so much more than the others?

    I love you, Reefy-Roo! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Dennise

    I have a 8 months old shih tzu, I took her in when she was 6. She is always following me everywhere I go and when Im not in the house she hides under the couch or under my bed. She lived her first 6 months of life in a cage and she is not an energetic, playful or even expressive dog. She is nervous all the time and everything scares her. I could not even potty train her and I have tried many ways but nothing seems to work.

  • Amy in Niceville

    The last time I went to the dog park I was attacked by a 10 month old puppy (I don’t know the breed, but he was about 50 lbs). The dog jumped on me and grabbed my arm on 3 separate occasions (no hard biting, but I think this is highly inappropriate & if the owner doesn’t get the dog under control he has the potential to hurt someone). Each time the dog bit me the owner just laughed it off and told the dog “no”…with no real follow up action. i wanted to pin the dog to the ground (but obviously that might not have gone over well!)

    I know that I have no control over the situation (I did tell the owner they need training lessons). What I need is advice on how to handle the situation the next time I run into this dog?

  • Marty Amaya

    We have an 11 month old Samoyed, Golden Retreiver, Chow, Basenji plus other things mix. We’ve had her about 3 months and she’s been thru basic doggie 101 training and will do her sit, down, stay pretty well for treats. She’s very energetic and is taken for a 45 to 60 minute walk every day (once in a while two walks) plus we live on almost 3 acres and she’s outside with either of us most of the day. She also gets play dates occasionally with her former dog family. She has started a couple of bad behaviors in the last month or so. She will grab the leash, tugs on it and won’t let go. If I offer a treat, she’ll take that and then grab the leash again. I could stand all day and she won’t let go. The other thing she does is get these episodes where she crazily runs low to the ground, runs at either one of us and grabs our clothes and pulls. She sometimes gets us (leg, hand) when she grabs. I’ve tried a firm ‘no’ or ‘wrong’ command but if I move, she’ll start in again. She’s even got me in the behind when I’ve walked away. We’ve even had to pick up some object (like a broom or small plastic table) to put between her and us to keep her off us. This is so wrong and can’t continue but we don’t know what to do. This doesn’t happen all the time, but it shouldn’t happen at all. What’s going on and what do we do?

  • Shi-Tzu Dad

    I have 2 Shi-Tzus and my youngest follws me evertwhere both day and night, if I go out, he will sit on a table near a window ad waits to see my car. I do not see this as a problem, because my pets are my family, I have ben disabled for many years after being injured in the Navy, and I love my boys more than my own life,They are ny constant companions and I do not travel without them. The girls who have been grooming my pets for 30 years know I do not like them being away long, so they will come and pick them up and return them well groomed and smelling good in less then 2 hours. Maybe I love my dogs and want them with me is because I have little human contact due to my injuries and disabilities. I would not ever want them to avoid me. They sleep with me, they get treats, and they are very protective. I love my boys and Thank God each day for sending me such great companions,

  • ramona

    hi my dog harley is a mix with between a chihuahua and a shtz shu. he is only 2 years old he always following me around the house i dont know why but he doe. i dont work right now and im always home so why does he follow me so much. i go to bathroom and he sits right in front of door i thinks its funny but i just dont know why he does that?

  • Melissa

    My two year old yorkie follows me EVERYWHERE. At first I thought it was annoying because i couldn’t even go to the bathroom without him going too, but now I think it’s cute. He’s a very stubborn little thing, he doesn’t listen to a word I say. I’ve tried everything to get him to stop following me and nothing works. I guess he’ll just go where I go from now on…

    • leslie diez

      Thanks for loving your dog and not complaining about him. He loves you. LOVES you!! So love him back. You are his everything so dont let him down. Dont stop the bond. Let it be. Love him and his presence.

  • tim

    I have a 2 month old pitbull/chihuahua mix that follows me EVERYWHERE! If I’m not around him he cries and howls for about 10 minutes straight until he finally gives up. He is a sweet little guy but has recently started not listening to a word I say but wants to be around me 24/7. When I take him outside to play he eats every little thing he can find (or at least chews it up). This includes rocks, dirt, clumps of grass, weeds, our palm tree, wood etc. He has several toys that he plays with inside but lately he has been very aggressive toward them and does bad things like chew on the couch and dig at the rug. I know he isn’t hungry because I feed him, nap him, play with him, and take him out to potty on a regular schedule. I started taking him on short walks up and down the street to get him used to the leash and he does okay but that is all brand new to him so nothing has sunk in about being on a leash connected to me. Is there any advice for a new puppy owner?

  • abi

    I have a japanese akita x bull terrier, she is 6 months old and lived with me and my boyfriend for 3 months he used to abuse her she is now living with me at my parents for the past 2 weeks but she wont stop following me, i know this is off some comfort to her but i need to stop her following me, i am 16 and go to college but this has been very hard as i cant leave her at all or she tries to get out of the garden and find me or if im upstaires and she is downstaires she will wine and walk around looking for me, my mum and dad have shown her alot of attention and play with her but she just wont settle with them. how can i get her to be more comfortable with my mum so i can go out or just have time to myself?

  • Jasmine

    I have a year old long haired chihuahua named “Chia”. I got her when our 10yr old dog was diagnosed with bone cancer, I figured I needed something to bring life to the house after she was gone. Chia is my best friend, and we spend so much time playing and cuddling. Unfortunately, I think she has separation anxiety. She follows me EVERYWHERE. If she is sleeping on the couch, and I get up to get something, she gets up right away and follows me. When she is left alone she is not destructive at all (although maybe a few “pee on the bed” accidents”. But, the majority of the time when I leave for work, my mom is home. My mom complains that all chia does is lie on our bed, or at the window watching for me. Refuses to play etc. My mom first thought she was sick, because she acts so lethargic….but soon realized as soon as I return home from work, Chia magically comes back to life, jumping around. She gets SO worked up when I come home, she erupts in reverse-sneezing fits. It takes 5-10 mins for her to calm down completely. WHAT to I do? Should I seek a trainer? Do I really just start Ignoring her?!

  • Annette

    I work away from home and live in camp on a 28 day roster with 1 week
    off for almost two years now. My 2 1/2 year old dog named Benny’Cino,
    is cared for by my daughter while I’m away. And although my daughter
    takes very good care of my dog and loves him as much as I do, he gets
    very depressed when I leave and usually nearly for the whole period I am
    away he sulks. Just recently he has started breaking out with a rash
    while I had been away but when I returned home on my week off the rash
    had disappeared completely after the second day of my return. Now that
    I’m back at work the rash has appeared again. Is this rash caused by
    stress or anxiety ?. Looks like another vet visit when I get back home.
    And a Vet visit is a big deal for Benny, he does not like going to the
    I admit I do treat him like a child, he sleeps in my bed and
    he brings his teddy and ball to bed with him on the off chance that I
    might want to play ” fetch the ball Benny “. Benny’Cino hardly ever
    leaves my side.

  • catdogme

    I work *at* home, so I’m here all day, and my dog (turning 1 next month) follows me around anyway and mostly sits under my desk while I work. If I get up, she comes with me. If I go to another room, she follows. I take here everywhere I can – we go for a walk at lunchtime and out to play after work (usually 8-5). I take her on car trips whenever it’s somewhere she can go.

    I don’t know if this is relevant, but I got her last fall when she was 8 weeks old.

    Is there some issue that I’m missing? The only time she doesn’t really come when called is when we’re out in the yard and she has her soccer ball. Then she’s not leaving for *anyone*. (lol) Otherwise, she’s like my shadow.

  • Georgia

    Dogs are pack animals who don’t do well alone. Consider getting a second dog to be a playmate for your first. Then when you are away they won’t be so lonely.

    If they are overly attached to one person, have a different family member take over feeding and walking them. They will bond with the source of food!

  • Cheryl

    I got a chihuahua/terrier named Nebraska. He is a very loving dog. I got him for my daughter and he turned to me. I don’t know why but it has became to point he whines when I leave. When I return he follows me everywhere I go. Even sits outside bathroom door and waits. Has to b against me with head on my shoulder to sleep. He has also started growling at anyone who gets near me. He hasn’t bit or acted like he is going to but I literally can’t do anything without him almost glued to leg. Only heard about things like this happening. Have I done something wrong for him to act like this?

  • alex

    My dog is too protective when I go to sleep, anytime a family member/ anyone comes in the room he feels the need to protect me, why is this?

  • Rizza

    Hi, i noticed for first time this morning when my dog didnt want to eat his breakfast, i think hes got bored of the food as hes been slowly playing up with eating his food. At first he was slow in eating, then leaving 1 or 2 bits at end, and then today for ages he didnt want to eat.When he did, he kept following me around efverywhere i went, he literally sat at my feet, which isnt like him. Mainly looking away, like he was guarding me.

    Any suggestions?

  • Winnie’s mommy

    I have a year and a half old mixed dog who I rescued when she was 6 weeks old. She’s my baby, but she will follow me everywhere. She’s an outside dog and if I’m inside the house, she will sit by the door I walked in and bark or scratch at the door trying to open it. She’s recently started finding the window to the room I am in, staring inside whining and barking at me. She is very persistent and has sat outside doors and windows for hours waiting on me. There are two other dogs at my house and if I pet them she tries to push herself between us so ill scratch her instead. Sometimes she barks at them if they come up to me, but she never gets violent with them or me. If I am not around, she’s best friends with the other dogs and is constantly playing or laying with them, until she sees me and then all her attention is on me. My family gets irritated with her a lot with her barking/whining/hitting the door and I don’t know what I can do to help her calm down when I’m in the house. My bedroom is in the detached garage so I’m not in the house all the time, usually a few hours a day if that, and she sleeps with me in my room, so it’s not always so bothersome, but it seems to be getting a little worse. I just want to help her feel better when I’m inside the house or really separated from her by any wall or door.

    *She gets lots of exercise too, we have ten acres of land that the dogs know every inch of. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

    Any help on this?

  • cheryl

    My husband bought this springer for hunting, I suppose he is a good dog as he doesn’t bite or stuff but he is making my life hell. I am sick and tired of him constantly following me, begging for food is the worst, and for me he needs to go out every fricken hour but my husband he only needs to twice a day, I am getting fed up any adivice?

  • Monica Lovell

    My brother has a mini-schnauzer that goes absolutely nutso whenever I come over. She screeches, and jumps around until I pay attention to her. Then she is stuck to me like glue until I leave. She doesn’t do this with the family. She must think that I am the bees knees. Which is okay. She’s pretty cool too.

  • Chihuahuas

    I have a male Chihuahua and he follows me everywhere he allows my girls to hug me but when my son does he stands in front of me like protecting me and snips at him. Not in a bad way but a soft way he does when he plays. He does love my son he plays with him when he gets home from school he gets excited so I don’t understand. I am a stay at home mom so I really don’t leave for long periods at a time and anything I do he is there and if in shower his nose and paws are under the door and he cries til I get out. Why is he like this with me.

  • Parker

    My dog Kelli is a pure bred English Staffy. She is 14 years old and has followed me everywhere I go for the last 12 years. She insists on sleeping between me and my bedroom door. She follows me into the shower and toilet. Always stands between me and other dogs or people she doesn’t know. I don’t mind anymore she is part of my life but I hated it when I was younger I wanted to know good ways to help my next dog deal. I’m worried it’s something I did when I was young that got her so attached to me. I want my next dog to love me but I think what I have been dealing with from her is excessive. To the point my dog hates water I mean hates runs from me when it’s bath time hates it. But if I go to a beach or river or lake and swim under water she will follow me out get her teeth into my swimsuit or life vest and try to drag me back to shore. One time she insisted on going with me on the knee board behind a boat. I love her and I love that she loves me but I just want to know what to avoid for next time because having her this attached to me has meant my little sister can’t get a dog of her own and I don’t want to end up in a situation like this again

  • Shirley Adams Moskwa

    My dog Jewel follows me every time I get up. When I am at my computer. she lays there with me. I don’t mind that but if my husband comes into the room and comes near me, Jewel will start growling and show her teeth. other wise she is okay with him. she plays with him and wants him to pet her. This started about 2 months ago. If he says”where’s mommy” she will get up and come between us and growl and put her head on my lap and lick me , as if to see if I am all right. I think she thinks she owns me . I can be any where else but at the computer, she will be alright. I don’t know why she is like that and it’s only with my husband. Does anyone Have a problem like that!

  • cmhoward

    We have what we are told is likely a husky and border collie mix; a 1-year-old rescue dog whom we named “Juneau”. Juneau goes to doggy daycare with other large breeds for a few hours about five days a week, for socializing and exercise. When she’s home with her family, she follows me everywhere and only leaves my side when my husband takes her for walks. Juneau has a definite preference for me and stays very close. She frequently rolls on her back, asking for tummy rubs. I think it may be because I talk to her and I am very loving and gentle with her.

  • nastasha

    I have 3 dogs. A chihuahua, English bulldog, and hairless Chinese crested… And they ALL follow me around! I can’t go anywhere without them being at my heels!

  • tanisha

    My boyfriend and I have a dog name drama, she is 5 years old and very clingy to my boyfriend.. every step he goes and she is a toy poodle.

  • Andrea Contreras

    My boyfriend and I have a 1 month old Chihuahua mixed with something else I have No clue. But anyway we got her almost 2 weeks ago and at first she was following me everywhere. wanting to sleep on bed with is and all. One day I left for about 6 hours and I came back and suddenly she was attached to him completely. She wouldn’t even acknowledge me. Now she follows him every where and when he stops she sits on his feet, not by his feet, on them! Every single night she cry to get up on the bed with us and it’s starting to get annoying. Not sure How to fix this. We don’t live alone so we can’t let her cry all night. Any suggestions?

  • rachelle

    My German Shepherd is around two and a half and stopped following my boyfriend and I around (she’s followed us excessively since she was a puppy). She isn’t acting sluggish and sick, she just stopped following us. Should I be worried or is she just growing up?