How CanvasHQ Is Helping Pet Parents Preserve Special Moments

You can get one of these gorgeous canvas prints — created with love and expertise by CanvasHQ — using your favorite photo of your pet. #sponsored

Disclosure: CanvasHQ is a past sponsor of Petful’s Halloween photo contest. Below, we share what makes this company so special — and how they can help you. CanvasHQ generously provided some really cool prizes to winners of our contest, but Petful received no compensation for this article.

Read on to learn how you can save 35% off a beautiful canvas print like this one from CanvasHQ. Your photo, your canvas.

Our pets are constant companions and dedicated partners, and when it comes to remembering those who’ve sadly passed on or the ones who still grace our days with joy, canvas memorials are an excellent option.

CanvasHQ loves helping people pay tribute to their furry family members. Preserving your special moments on canvas is what they do.

High-quality canvas prints help these brief special moments last far longer. They’re also ideal for those who simply find themselves in need of an instant, guaranteed mood-boosting pick-me-up after a long day out at work.

“People often ask what we print the most of, and I always laugh because the truth is, it’s dogs,” says Kristy Marie Floyd, a former photographer who is a partner and team leader at CanvasHQ. “We humans love our pets so much!”

She adds, “I have found that the mom ordering her baby on canvas is just as excited as the mom who orders her puppy on canvas.”

Hand-stretched canvases reduce the possibility of over-stretching.

The CanvasHQ Difference

The key to great canvas prints lies in both high-quality materials and working with an expert.

Anyone can create a basic photo print, but it takes real talent to capture a specific mood the way CanvasHQ does.

Although they employ the latest printing technology to realize unique creations, each stage of the process is overseen by a live human to ensure perfection.

From performing free touchups and building frames by hand to the all-important task of stretching canvases and using FedEx–approved packaging techniques, they do everything possible to create lasting sources of joy.

And if for some reason you are not satisfied, they will make it right or refund your money — guaranteed.

CanvasHQ can accept almost any normal image resolution to make a good print.

Making Connections

CanvasHQ, a family-run business that’s based in Fort Smith, Arkansas, handles every request with true empathy and compassion, so pet lovers can feel comfortable sharing details about their animals and artwork choices with their canvas artisans.

“When customers call, live chat or email, all of that comes to my actual cellphone, and a lot of people don’t realize that an actual owner is on the other end of that communication helping them,” says Kristy.

“The connection I have been able to make with so many of our lifelong customers is amazing,” she says. “It truly is humbling to be able to connect with so many and produce not only a canvas print but an experience they will always remember.”

CanvasHQ really cares about their customers. They’re as passionate about canvases as YOU are about the animals that inspire you — and they can’t wait to create something in honor of your pet next.

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