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 No Burns recalls to date.

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Brand Name: Burns
Product Lines:
Burns Puppy Mini Chicken & Rice for dogs, Burns Sensitive Duck & Rice for dogs, Burns Weight Control Chicken & Oats for dogs, Burns Original Cat Chicken & Brown Rice, Burns Chicken & Rice for Kittens
Burns Pet Nutrition Ltd.
99 Ferry Road, Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales, SA17 5EJ
[email protected]

Burns Company Overview

Burns Pet Nutrition Limited, established in 1993 by John Burns, claims to offer simple, digestible pet foods for dogs, cats, and rabbits. The brand emphasizes whole grains and high-quality animal proteins in its products, suggesting that these ingredients can lead to a reduced food intake compared to other brands.

John Burns, a veterinary surgeon, initiated the company with a vision to address common health issues in pets through diet. He aimed to create food suited for pets with sensitivities, allergies, and intolerances, and the brand has been enjoyed by pets globally for three decades. Burns Pet Nutrition also provides free nutritional support, with qualified nutritionists available to assist pet owners.

The company asserts control over its production process by purchasing Penlan Farm in South West Wales, where it employs organic farming techniques and practices high levels of ecological recycling. This approach is part of Burns’ broader vision for pets to consume natural, healthy diets akin to homecooked food, which they believe allows a pet’s body to function optimally.

Burns Pet Nutrition has grown significantly since its inception, with aspirations for widespread adoption of natural pet diets. The company is involved in campaigning for positive changes within the pet food industry, through avenues such as their charity work, nutritional education, and their products, which have garnered awards.

Their products are available through over 6,000 stockists worldwide, including in distant markets like Hong Kong and Portugal. The company has expanded its workforce to over 140 individuals across the UK and the Republic of Ireland, including staff dedicated to the John Burns Foundation charity.

Significant milestones in the company’s history include the launch of the charity Burns Pet Nutrition Foundation in 2007, aimed at formalizing the company’s commitment to improving the lives of people and pets in the UK. In 2009, the Penlan Farm range was introduced, featuring wet foods based on a homecooked diet philosophy, using human-grade ingredients sourced from local Welsh farms. The brand’s commitment to social responsibility was further underscored in 2015 when it was recognized as an accredited Living Wage Employer. Celebrating 25 years of operation in 2018, Burns Pet Nutrition decided to donate 25% of its profits to charity, highlighting the founder John Burns’ ongoing involvement and commitment to the company’s mission.

Has There Ever Been a Burns Recall?

No. There has never been a Burns recall, according to our research.

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