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Important Abady recall information appears below.

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Brand Name: Abady Pet Food
Product Lines:
Abady Maintenance/Stress & Growth Formula for Toys, Abady Maintenance & Stress Formula for Adult Dogs, Abady Classic Formula for Maintenance & Stress, Abady State of The Art Formula for Growing Puppies of Larger Breeds
The Robert Abady Dog Food Company
201 Smith Street, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
845-473-1900 or 845-473-1903
Contact form:

Abady Company Overview

Founded in 1978 by Robert Abady, The Robert Abady Dog Food Company is recognized in the pet food industry for its focus on natural and biologically appropriate diets for dogs and cats. The company adopts a dual approach to pet nutrition.

First, the company emphasizes the significance of understanding the unique needs of individual pets, including factors like age, weight, breed, and appetite. Abady engages directly with customers to gain insights into specific pet requirements, which guides the customization of their pet food products to address these needs.

Second, with over four decades in the pet food manufacturing sector, Abady has established itself as a knowledgeable entity in the production of dog and cat foods. The company claims its pet food closely mirrors the natural diets of carnivores, based on extensive research and understanding of pet dietary habits. They aim to produce food that is both nourishing and reflective of the natural eating patterns of carnivorous pets.

In summary, The Robert Abady Dog Food Company focuses on catering to the individual needs of pets and emphasizes the use of natural ingredients. Their approach to pet health and nutrition has been shaped by years of experience and research in the field, contributing to their reputation in the pet food market.

Has There Ever Been an Abady Recall?

There has been an Abady Recall, according to our research.

In 2013, Abady recalled 2 variants of its frozen dog food because sample testing by the FDA revealed traces of salmonella. About a year later, another Abady recall (this time for a cat product) was initiated because of salmonella.

Abady Recall History

April 2014
Cause: Possible salmonella risk. Announcement: FDA report dated April 8, 2014What was recalled: Abady Highest Quality Maintenance & Growth Formula for Cats with Lot #14029/21 stamped on the right side of the box, in the following sizes: 2 lb., 5 lb., and 15 lb. boxes.

June 2013
Cause: Positive test for salmonella. Announcement: Company recall letter dated June 19, 2013 (PDF). What was recalled: 3 lb. chubs of the following raw frozen dog foods:

  • Abady Frozen High Stress/High-Performance Dog Food
  • Abady Frozen Growth Formula for Puppies of the Large & Giant Breed

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