How to Get Your Article Published by Petful

Submit a guest post, pets

Here at Petful, we’re always looking for well-written articles that help give our readers answers to their biggest questions. Would you like to see your writing on our site? Fantastic!

First, please carefully read our guidelines:


  • We do not accept “guest posts.” If you’re a business looking to promote a product or service, contact us about buying a sponsored post. If you’re a blogger (or an agency) looking for a link to your website, we no longer do that. Do not contact us if you just want a free or even paid text link — if you mention “guest post,” your email will get filtered automatically into the trash.
  • But … we ARE looking for great freelance writers to join our team at Petful. This is a nice way to get some experience and even make a little money. (Yes, we pay.*)
  • Your article should be completely your own and never published elsewhere. No health topics (only veterinarians write our health articles).
  • Length: at least 700 words with subheads and bullet points. Paragraphs should be nice and short.
  • The article should really WOW us. Your article should be entertaining and conversational (first-person is great!) — but should also contain solid advice and information our readers can learn from. Include a personal anecdote if possible, and be sure to “hook” the reader into your article within the first couple of paragraphs.
  • We edit for grammar, style and clarity. Upon publication, your article automatically becomes the sole property of Petful. We ask regular contributors to sign a freelance agreement.

Still with us? Great! Then by all means, get in touch and tell us about your article idea. Be sure to send us links to your previous work if applicable. Remember, no “guest posts” or links back to your site.

*Current pay rate, as of February 2018: $45 per original, engaging article of at least 700 words that we successfully publish. Again, we won’t accept any links — our editors choose them.