Sheba Cat Food

 No recalls.

There is little information on the beginnings of Sheba, but it is manufactured by Mars, Inc. There are a few products to choose from, and some are available in variety packs.

Mars, Inc. does support sustainable farming and uses product recommendations set forth by Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch in the Sheba brand line. Additionally, the company donates a portion of sales of the Sheba seafood variety packs back to the seafood organization.

Sheba Quick Facts

Brand line includes: Sheba Perfect Portions Premium Patés, Sheba Premium Pates in Natural Juices, Sheba Premium Cuts in Gravy, Sheba Variety Packs
Cost: $
Company: Mars, Inc.
Headquarters: McLean, Virginia
Contact info: 1-800-525-5273, email, website

Has Sheba Ever Been Recalled?

No. This brand has never been recalled, according to our research.

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