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 No Boreal recalls to date.

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Brand Name: Boreal
Product Lines:
For dogs: Original Salmon Grain Free, Original Turkey Grain Free, Original Lamb Grain Free, Original Small Breed Duck. For cats: Chicken, Salmon and Duck, Chicken, Lamb and Beef, Chicken and Chicken Liver, Chicken, Duck and Chicken Liver, Red Tuna, Carrot & Green Pea in Gravy, Red Tuna With Shrimp in Gravy, Red Tuna With Whitefish in Gravy.
Lincoln Biotech
5205 King St., Beamsville, ON L0R 1B3
[email protected]
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Boreal Company Overview

Boréal, as described by its founders, Hugh, and another individual, positions itself as a company dedicated to improving dog nutrition and health over the past 30 years. The founders express a strong belief in the necessity of changing the way dogs are fed, advocating for a reduction in high carbohydrate diets in favor of what they claim to be smarter, healthier options.

The company asserts that its dog foods, using primarily Canadian ingredient sources, aim to provide controlled protein and carbohydrate sources to maintain a dog’s weight and energy levels. Boréal emphasizes its use of single-source proteins and reliance on peas and beans to promote health, alongside an added antioxidant and prebiotic package intended to enhance taste, digestion, and health.

Boréal’s approach to carbohydrates focuses on low glycemic index (GI) starches like peas and beans, which the company suggests can help pets feel fuller longer, stabilize blood sugar levels, and, combined with the right amount of exercise, contribute to a healthier feeding strategy.

All Boréal pet foods reportedly contain ProPath®, a trace mineral package with zinc, iron, copper, and manganese, added for its purported health benefits. The company offers two lines of canned foods: one Canadian-made series featuring a variety of meats including Cobb Chicken, Heritage Turkey, and others, and a Red Meat Tuna line sourced from Thailand.

Boréal’s wet food products are described as grain-free, gum-free, and potato-free, adhering to a limited ingredients diet that is high in meat and low in carbohydrates, similar to their dry food offerings which also contain ProPath® for skin and coat health.

The company also addresses the issue of pet obesity, attributing the problem to pets consuming foods that are heavily processed and filled with ingredients chosen for cost and storage benefits rather than nutritional value. Boréal positions its products and nutritional philosophy as part of the solution to this issue, suggesting that a shift to its feeding approach could contribute to healthier weights and overall health in pets.

Has There Ever Been a Boreal Recall?

There has never been a Boreal recall, according to our research.

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