A Pro Recall History and Pet Food Brand Info

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 No A Pro recalls to date.

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Brand Name: A Pro
Related Brands:
SmartHeart, SmartHeart Gold, Classic Pets, Me-o Gold, Me-o, iq+, IQ Dog, IQ Cat, My Dear Cat, and LuvCare.
Product Lines:
Adult formula, Puppy formula, Toy formula, IQ formula, A Pro Plus Adult formula, A Pro Plus Puppy formula, and A Pro Plus Toy formula.
Company: Perfect Companion Group Co., Ltd.
195 Empire Tower, 14th Floor, South Sathorn Road, Yannawa, Sathorn Bangkok, Thailand 10120
[email protected]

A Pro Company Overview

Perfect Companion Group Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Charoen Pokphand Group Co., Ltd, established in 2001 with offices in Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam, stands as a beacon of quality and innovation in the pet food industry. Renowned for manufacturing the A Pro and A Pro Plus dog food brands, the company has set high standards in pet nutrition in Thailand and beyond. Holding the distinction of being Thailand’s first pet food manufacturer awarded with the ISO 9002 certification, Perfect Companion Group also boasts internationally recognized certifications such as ISO9001:Version2000 from SGS, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System (HACCP) from the Department of Livestock Development, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives of Thailand.

Catering to the evolving needs of modern pet owners, Perfect Companion Group ensures that its products, including the popular Me-O cat food, SmartHeart, and Dr.LuvCare dog foods, adhere to the highest standards of safety, hygiene, and nutrition. The company’s commitment to maintaining stringent production standards has solidified its position in a competitive market. Each product is crafted to meet or exceed the nutritional guidelines set by the US National Research Council (NRC) and the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), ensuring optimal health benefits for pets.

With a vision focused on improving the quality of life for both pets and their owners, Perfect Companion Group has dedicated itself to nurturing the special bond between them through its range of high-quality pet food products. The company’s continuous research, testing, development, branding, and design efforts reflect its mission to deliver the best in pet nutrition and care, strengthening the relationship between pets and their owners. Perfect Companion Group continues to lead the way in pet nutrition innovation, ensuring the well-being of pets around the world.

Has There Ever Been an A Pro Recall?

There has never been an A Pro recall, according to our research

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