1st Choice Recall History and Pet Food Brand Info

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 No 1st Choice recalls to date.

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Brand Name: 1st Choice 
Related Brands: 1st Choice, Pronature, Lily & Jax
Product Lines: Puppy Toy & Small Breeds, Adult Dog Medium & Large Breeds, All Breeds Dog Sensitive Skin & Coat, Kitten Healthy Start, Adult Cat Weight Control, Cat Healthy Coat & Skin, Cat Hypoallergenic
Company: PLB International
Headquarters: 1361, Graham Bell Street Boucherville, Quebec, J4B 6A1, Canada
Website: https://www.1stchoice.ca/
Phone: 1-866-752-7378
Contact Form: https://www.1stchoice.ca/en-ca/contact/  

1st Choice Company Overview

Since its establishment in 1969, PLB International, a family-owned business in Quebec, has transitioned from producing farm animal feeds to becoming a trailblazer in the pet food industry. The company ventured into small pet food in 1982, leading the Quebec market, and introduced a significant innovation with 1st Choice Nutrition in 1990 by incorporating fresh chicken into pet food, a first in North America. This move underscored their dedication to premium quality. The launch of Pronature Original in 1993, which provided sensible nutrition at a competitive price, along with Jocelyn Brasseur’s leadership starting in 1999, further propelled PLB’s growth and expanded its reach into international markets, riding on the pet humanization trend prevalent in Eastern Europe, Asia, and South America.

PLB International has firmly established itself as a leader in pet nutrition, guided by a philosophy that places pet health at the forefront. The company’s flagship brands, 1st Choice and Pronature Original, are crafted by nutritional experts to meet the varied dietary requirements of pets, featuring top-quality ingredients and excluding meat by-products. This commitment to excellence in pet nutrition has allowed PLB International to distribute its products in over 20 countries, continuously striving to uphold the highest standards of quality in pet food.

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Has There Ever Been a 1st Choice Recall?

There has never been a 1st Choice Recall, according to our research.

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