4 Quick Tips to Calm Your Dog’s Anxiety on the 4th of July

On this inevitably loud U.S. holiday, keep your dog’s safety and comfort in mind before going to catch the fireworks.

Dogs may bolt if they hear the loud boom of fireworks. By: BuzzFarmers

The 4th of July is tomorrow, and that means fun in the sun, family cookouts and picnics, and, of course, fireworks.

While you and I love to watch the fantastic display lighting up the summer sky, it’s important to remember that dogs can often get incredibly anxious if they hear the fireworks. It’s common practice for your local Humane Society to be full on the 5th of July with dogs who got spooked by the explosions, bolted from their house and were spotted by someone who took them to the shelter.

So what can you do to make sure your pup not only stays safe in your home but also doesn’t have to spend their night in a state of utter confusion and panic?

1. Keep the Dog Inside

If you live somewhere that your dog can hear the fireworks easily, or if you live in a neighborhood where people are setting off smaller fireworks, keep your dog inside — even if you leave to attend a fireworks show. This not only removes the danger of your dog bolting but also allows them to be around things and smells that comfort them (especially if you’re not at home). Make sure their favorite toys and blankets are easily available to them.

If for whatever reason you can’t keep your dog inside, be extra sure that your fence is sturdy and doesn’t have any areas where your pup could escape.

2. Play Some Music

While your dog is riding out the fireworks show inside, have some music, white noise or other soothing sounds playing in the background. Depending on how close the fireworks are to your home, it could drown out some or all of the noises for the Floofster.

While there isn’t a lot to do about the sound if you’re very close to a show, the soothing sounds can at least keep your dog from having to ride those tumultuous waves of complete silence to loud explosions.

Try playing some soothing music to help drown out the fear-inducing noise of July 4th celebrations. By: alyak

3. Bring a Friend

While the best thing to keep your dog feeling safe is to have you with them, if you can’t stay home, try hiring a dog sitter whom your dog is familiar with. While this might not be necessary for every dog, those with high anxiety will benefit from not being alone during the fireworks show.

Make sure the sitter is equipped with the knowledge of what soothes your canine friend. If they have a toy, a blanket, a treat or something like a Thundershirt to keep your dog calm, be sure they know where it is and when to offer it to Mr. Floofy.

4. Bring Your Dog to the Friend

If you know that your home or neighborhood is going to be a nexus of fireworks activity that your dog won’t be able to handle, consider asking a friend or a sitter who lives somewhere else in town to keep Mr. Floofy while you’re out.

Depending on the temperament of your furry companion, this may cause more anxiety than riding out the fireworks alone, so make sure Mr. Floofy is comfortable with the house before you drop him off.

Watch Taz the shiba inu relax in his Thundershirt:

Ultimately, keeping your pet safe on the 4th is just about knowing your dog and making sure they have what they need to feel secure. The most important thing is that your dog is kept safe on the 4th.

Do you have any tips for keeping your dog calm during fireworks? Let us know in the comments!

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