2016 Pet Food Recall List

Here are all of the U.S. pet food recalls (dogs and cats) from 2016, based on research from Petful.

Dec. 9, 2016

Maker: Blue Ridge Beef
Cause: Potential for salmonella or listeria
Announcement: FDA report dated Dec. 8, 2016 (archived here)
What was recalled: 2 lb. pound chubs of the following frozen pet foods:

  • Beef for Dogs, Lot #mfd ga8516, UPC 8542980011009
  • Kitten Grind, Lot #mfd ga81216, UPC 854298001016

The affected products were sold in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Arizona and Texas.

According to the FDA, “There is a risk to humans from handling contaminated pet products, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with the products or any surface exposed to these products.”

Oct. 8, 2016

classic-filet-mignonMaker: Mars, Inc.
Cause: Potential for choking hazard from plastic pieces
Announcement: Mars, Inc. report dated Oct. 7, 2016 (archived here)
What was recalled: The following packages of Cesar Classics Filet Mignon wet dog food:

  • Individual packs with “Best Before” date of Aug. 4, 2018 or Aug. 5, 2018 AND Lot #631FKKC or 631GKKC
  • Variety packs with “Best Before” date of Aug. 4, 2018 or Aug. 5, 2018 AND Lot #632D14JC, 633B24JC, 634A14JC, 634A24JC, 634B14JC, 634B24JC, 634E14JC, 635A24JC, 635B14JC, 636D24JC or 636E14JC

According to Dog Food Advisor, “Select packages of this product may contain small pieces of plastic, which entered the food during the production process.”

Sept. 12, 2016

addiction-canned-dog-food-recall-2016Maker: Addiction Foods
Cause: Elevated levels of Vitamin A and a slight variance in calcium/phosphorous ratios
Announcement: Dog Food Advisor confirmed via email from Addiction Foods, Sept. 8, 2016
What was recalled: 13.8 oz. cans of Addiction New Zealand Brushtail and Vegetables Canned Dog Food Entrée, Lot #8940:02Dec2018, Best by December 2018; and Addiction New Zealand Venison and Apples Canned Dog Food Entrée, Lot #8936:01Dec2018, Best by December 2018

The now-recalled dog food was shipped to distributors and online retailers between Feb. 11 and March 19, 2016. According to Dog Food Advisor, “Exposure to excessive Vitamin A levels for an extended period of time may cause adverse health consequences in young, growing animals.”

June 24, 2016

rad-raw-cat-diet-cat-food-recall-2016Maker: Radagast Pet Food, Inc.
Cause: Potential for salmonella and listeria
Announcement: FDA report dated June 23, 2016 (archived here)
What was recalled: 4 lots of frozen Rad Cat Raw Diet products, sold in various sizes:

  • Grass-Fed Beef, 8 oz., 16 oz., 24 oz. and 1 oz. samples, Lot #62361, Best by Jan. 8, 2017
  • Grass-Fed Beef, 8 oz., 16 oz., 24 oz. and 1 oz. samples, Lot #62384, Best by Feb. 6, 2017
  • Free-Range Turkey, 8 oz., 16 oz., 24 oz. and 1 oz. samples, Lot #62372, Best by Jan. 21, 2017
  • Free-Range Chicken, 8 oz., 16 oz., 24 oz. and 1 oz. samples, Lot #62361, Best by March 14, 2017

According to the FDA, the recalled products were distributed in western Canada and all U.S. states except in Hawaii and Mississippi. “All affected lot codes 62384, 62361, 62416, and 62372 and ‘Best by’ dates are located on the lid of all products packaged in tubs and on the bottom of the sample cups,” the agency said.

May 31, 2016

blue-buffalo-life-protection-fish-sweet-potatoMaker: Blue Buffalo
Cause: Possible mold
Announcement: News report dated May 31, 2016
What was recalled: 30 lb. bags of Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Fish and Sweet Potato Recipe dog food with “Best by” date of April 11, 2017

According to news reports, the recall is extremely small: “The recall is limited to a single batch that was manufactured during a two-hour period.”

Questions? Contact Blue Buffalo directly at 1-800-919-2833 or bluebuffalo.com.

March 29, 2016

duckbatch-dog-foodMaker: Smallbatch Pets Inc.
Cause: Potential for salmonella and listeria
Announcement: FDA report dated March 26, 2016 (archived here)
What was recalled: 3 lb. frozen bags of Smallbatch Dog Duckbatch Sliders, Lot #CO27 and “Best by” date of Jan. 27, 2017

According to the company’s announcement, this voluntary recall involves just a single lot of the frozen bags of dog “sliders,” and no illnesses have been reported yet.

The affected products were distributed to pet food stores in California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington.

March 18, 2016

fromm-gold-dog-food-can-recall-2016Maker: Fromm Family Foods LLC
Cause: Inadequate levels of vitamins and minerals
Announcement: Company recall announcement dated March 18, 2016 (archived here)
What was recalled: All lots of the following 12 oz. Fromm Gold canned dog foods:

  • Chicken Pate, Code #11893
  • Chicken & Duck, Code #11895
  • Salmon & Chicken Pate, Code #11891

“12 oz. cans of our new Gold canned dog food pates do not contain recommended levels of vitamins and minerals,” according to the company. “They may contain elevated levels of Vitamin D. We are recalling these products out of an abundance of caution.”

The company says, “These cans were shipped to distributors during the limited time frame from December 2015 through February 2016,” and added that no other Fromm products are being recalled at this time.

March 11, 2016

purina-dog-food-recall-2016Maker: Nestlé Purina PetCare
Cause: Inadequate vitamins and minerals
Announcement: Company news release dated March 10, 2016
What was recalled: The following wet dog food brands with both a “Best Before” date range of June 2017 to August 2017 and production code range starting with the first 4 digits of 5363 to 6054:

  • Beneful Prepared Meals, 10 oz. tubs (all varieties)
  • Beneful Chopped Blends, 10 oz. tubs (all varieties)
  • Pro Plan Savory Meals, 10 oz. tubs (limited to 5 varieties: Braised Chicken Entrée, Braised Pork Entrée, Braised Turkey Entrée, Grilled Salmon Entrée, Braised Beef & Rice Entrée)

According to the company, “We discovered through our own internal quality tests that some 10-oz. wet dog food tubs may not contain the recommended level of added vitamins and minerals, so we took action and issued a voluntary recall of the product at retail.”

“The affected items were produced in only one Purina facility on one production line in St. Joseph, Missouri, and were sold in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico,” the company noted, adding: “We’re working to get these products back on store shelves as soon as we possibly can.”

Jan. 15, 2016

vital-essentials-dog-food-recall-2016Maker: Carnivore Meat Company
Cause: Potential for salmonella
Announcement: Company news release dated Jan. 15, 2016
What was recalled: 6 lb. packages of Vital Essentials Frozen Chicken Patties Entrée for Dogs, Lot # 11475 and “Best by” date of Nov. 8, 2016

The affected product was distributed in California, Florida, Georgia, Rhode Island, Texas and Washington State.

According to the company, “There have been no customer complaints reported” and “no other product manufactured by Carnivore is involved in this voluntary recall.”

Jan. 4, 2016

big-dog-natural-dog-food-recall-2016Maker: Big Dog Natural
Cause: Potential for salmonella or listeria
Announcement: FDA report dated Jan. 4, 2016 (archived here)
What was recalled: All weight volumes of Big Dog Natural Chicken Supreme and Big Dog Natural Fish Supreme; only those packages shipped during the week of Oct. 31 to Nov. 13, 2015 to online customers

According to the FDA, the voluntary recall involves a single production lot, and “no additional products are affected by this recall.” The agency added: “These products were sold directly to consumers through the company’s online website and in the United States.”

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