Dating Someone With Exotic Pets: Deal Breaker or Deal Maker?

You wouldn’t date someone who hated your pet — would you?

Some people get freaked out by exotic pets like rodents. By: Firelong

Are spiders, rodents or reptiles ruining your dating life?

Whether you have an exotic pet or are dating someone who does, they’re not always the most, um, magnetic when it comes to romantic relationships.

While having a cat or dog is seen as relatively “normal,” not everyone is used to seeing a slithering snake or fuzzy insect hanging out in its habitat on their love interest’s dresser.


But is that the norm? Is dating someone with exotic pets really a deal breaker?

Dating Someone With Dogs or Cats

To understand the difference between dating someone with dogs or cats versus someone with exotic pets, let’s take a look at how the majority feels when it comes to felines and canines.

A recent study of 1,000 people by Woodstream found that 12% of the respondents wanted a pet but didn’t have one. And out of that group, most people wished they had a dog or a cat.

But only 15% of respondents said they wanted a rabbit, a bird or fish.

And it doesn’t stop there. Twenty-one percent of men in the study claimed to have used their dog to try to get someone’s attention before. Sneaky, guys!

It’s clear that non-exotic pets, in general, are accepted in the dating world. But while dogs and cats tend to get a thumbs-up in romantic relationships, does that mean exotic pets don’t? It sure looks that way.

Yeah, this isn’t the most inviting of pets your significant other could keep. By: Pexels

Exotic Pets and Relationships

For some, exotic pets are seen as too “creepy,” with spiders giving the majority of people surveyed the chills. Out of all the men in the study group, 66% thought spiders were creepy, with 77% of women feeling the same.


Do creepy pets translate to fewer dates, though? For all the exotic pet lovers out there, it’s safe to say yes, unfortunately. A whopping 55% of people claimed they would NOT go on a 2nd date with someone who kept a spider as a pet.

Here’s how the exotic pets stacked up:

  • 55% wouldn’t date someone who had a pet spider. (Sorry, spiders — you’re definitely a huge dating turnoff.)
  • 42% wouldn’t date someone who had a pet snake.
  • 32 percent wouldn’t date someone who had a pet rat.
  • 25 percent wouldn’t date someone who had pet ants.
  • 24 percent wouldn’t date someone who had pet bees.
  • 17 percent wouldn’t date someone who had a pet ferret.

The problem is, while exotic pets may be perfectly safe and wonderful to care for, too many of them have a bad rap.

Although not all exotic pets have scales or 8 legs, too many people are afraid of them.

Whoa. Check out this exotic pet:

Ruined Relationships

How many relationships really are ruined by pets — exotic or not?

Perhaps to the relief of those with exotic pets, people claimed dogs and cats were the animals that ended the most relationships when it came to pet problems, with 45% of dogs and 32% of cats sealing those relationships’ fate, respectively.

The 3rd animal to end the most relationships when it came to pet problems? Snakes.

Of course, those numbers likely correlate with the number of people who have dogs, cats and snakes, but even so, it’s revealing. It shows us that while exotic animals might be more of an initial turnoff, they’re not the only ones leaving a bad impression in relationships.

To be honest, though, if you’re at all active in the dating scene — or are happily past it — this might not be news to you.

At the end of the day, your pet is a huge part of your life, no matter what kind of pet that might be. The likelihood that you’d date someone who didn’t feel positively about your pet is slim.

My guess is someone who thinks your pet is creepy is as much a turnoff for you as it would be for them.

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