Bargain Shopping for Grooming Tables

Finding a grooming table that fits your budget may take some effort, but bargains are out there to be had.

Bargains are out there for grooming tables. By: John Leslie

In my previous article “Choosing a Grooming Table That’s Perfect for You,” we looked at using different types of grooming tables as well as the all-important budget. Today we’ll zoom in on ways to find great deals on grooming tables.

In any budget there are ways we can cut some of our spending. For example, think about how you can buy shampoos in concentrated gallon-sized jugs to save money.

For those starting a grooming business or just looking to groom their dog at home, one area that gets scoped out for possible deals is the grooming table. Honestly, for a professional a grooming table should be one of the last areas to skimp on spending. However, if you do your research you’ll definitely find some bargains.

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Buying Grooming Tables Online

As you probably guessed, one of the best ways to get a deal on a quality grooming table is to shop online. Some people flinch at this idea because they want to see the product before they buy it. Others don’t like to order online because they don’t want to deal with shipping costs.

Grooming salons will get used to having items shipped because traveling to a warehouse to pick up stock is generally impossible. If you’ve decided to hunt online, follow these tips to ensure you’re getting a deal rather than a dud.

  • Check the reviews: Look at both the good and bad product reviews.
  • Buy from reputable, established sites: Check to see how reputable the site is. You can easily Google most sites for legitimacy. Tip: Look at the bottom of the page and see how long the site has been copyrighted.

Check Grooming Expos

(The ME Z-Lift Hydraulic Grooming Table (affiliate link) by Pet Edge has received positive reviews from groomers. That’s it pictured here.)

Sometimes you can find deals at the expos. Some exhibitors will even sell their demo models for discount rates.

Consider this, though: Will there be any guarantees if the item breaks? Ask lots of questions.

What About Used Grooming Tables?

If you have been searching for a used grooming table, there’s a good chance you’ve stumbled across websites like Ebay and Craigslist. Keep these points in mind:

  • Breakage on the table: If an item you bought used breaks down, you won’t have any way to easily get your money back. Often it will be difficult to get the table repaired.
  • Worn-out parts: There’s no telling what the table has been through. You might have a Golden Retriever on it only to have it collapse because the table top is rotted or the legs are bad.
  • Disreputable sellers: There are many online scams. With Craigslist, chances are you’re working with a local person. You may waste valuable time and money going to meet them only to have them not show up or bring an entirely different table from what was in the advertisement. With auction sites like Ebay, the risks are just as bad. There can be scams or an item sent that was not what was pictured.

Why Get the Big Table When the Travel Tables Are So Cheap?

Another way many people look to get a bargain on their grooming table is by purchasing the cheapest one they can find. These tables generally end up being flimsy fold-up tables. Although it’s true you can get these at half the price of others on the market, it is often the case of “you get what you pay for.”

These tables can collapse while you have a dog on them, causing danger to you and injury to the animal. The parts don’t usually hold up to the heavy use they’ll receive in a grooming salon.

Best-case scenario, you’ll get the table and find it’s too small or inadequate; worst-case scenario, you will be explaining to a dog caretaker how her pet broke a leg in your care.

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Beware of Rock-Bottom Prices

Though it’s true that you need to be skeptical of bargain prices, if you are careful you might really find the deal of a lifetime. Check websites for big sales. Reputable sites may end up with an item on clearance that won’t be made any longer. Although this might mean that finding support for the item is difficult, if it’s a table that has great feedback, the savings might be worth it.

Look for discounts, and don’t be afraid to ask the company what deals they can offer.

There’s a good chance you’re getting a table for the salon you’re about to open — if that’s the case, ask if the company offers discounts for large orders of supplies. After all, you’ll need clippers, blades, scissors, shampoo, brushes and much more. You can get savings on shipping and even on your items by buying in larger quantities.

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