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Meow Mix Cat Food

 There has been no Meow Mix recall.

Meow Mix recall information

The Meow Mix brand lineup includes dry and wet cat food and treats. The brand line, introduced in 1974, was created as a Ralston Purina product, but the brand has changed hands many times since then. Meow Mix was most recently owned by Big Heart Pet Brands, which was acquired by J.M. Smucker Company in 2015.

Meow Mix’s famous tagline, even back in 1974, was “The Cat Food Cats Ask For by Name.” Along with that great tagline came a memorable theme song. Wikipedia describes the jingle this way: “The theme’s lyrics are ‘Meow meow meow meow’ repeated multiple times, with various cats moving their mouths and captions on the bottom as if the cats were verbally speaking.”

Meow Mix Quick Facts

Brand line includes: Meow Mix Soufflés, Meow Mix Paté Toppers, Meow Mix Savory Morsels, Meow Mix Original Choice, Meow Mix Seafood Medley, Meow Mix Hairball Control, Meow Mix Indoor Formula, Meow Mix Kitten Li’l Nibbles
Cost: $
Company: Big Heart Pet Brands
Headquarters: One Maritime Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94111
Contact info: 1-800-252-7022, email, website

Has There Ever Been a Meow Mix Recall?

No. There has never been a Meow Mix recall, according to our research.


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