My Review of the Torus Water Bowl

This revolutionary, attractive water bowl provides filtered, fresh water for your pet and refills itself. #sponsored

The Torus Water Bowl
Torus is a “go anywhere” bowl that has clean water stored inside the walls.

Editor’s Note: The following content was sponsored by Torus. Kristine received a free Torus Water Bowl in order to review it, though the opinions are her own.

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As you know, providing fresh, clean water is an important part of keeping your pet healthy. But it requires constant attention.

  • Are you refilling the water bowl every day?
  • Is the water clean?
  • Is the bowl clean?
  • Is there residue from tap water?

I have 2 Great Danes, and one of my concerns is — try not to get grossed out — that they will drink the drool that they leave behind in the water bowl. Add to that the fact that my dogs drink a lot of water each day, and it can be a challenge to keep up with refilling and cleaning their water bowl.

That’s why I was excited to try the Torus water bowl for 2 weeks. I knew it was a bowl that refilled water on its own (so it seemed to solve one of my problems), but I wondered how it would work with my giant dogs, Bruiser and Pinky.

Here’s Bruiser giving it a try:

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Why The Torus Bowl Worked for Us

Here are 10 reasons the Torus water bowl rocks.

1. Automatic Refill

Previously, I was using a gallon-size, elevated bowl. The Torus water bowl has a chamber inside that stores water. As the dogs drink, a small opening allows water from the chamber to flow into the bowl.

2. Clean Water

Instead of putting water into the bowl as I normally do, I removed the cap and poured it into the opening for the chamber walls. Here it passes through the cone-shaped carbon filter, so the impurities are being removed as the water moves into the unit (which is BPA-free).

You’ll need to change this filter every month. Filters cost $2.99–$3.79 each (sold in a 5-pack).


3. Easy Installation

After taking it out of the package, all I had to do was remove the cap and add water. I would recommend washing it with warm soapy water before using it.

4. No Power

The unit doesn’t use an electrical source, so there’s no fumbling with changing out batteries or worrying about electrical cords.

5. It’s Portable

When you leave home with your pet, you need to take water with you. I’ve used collapsible bowls and gallon water jugs in the past, but you don’t have to do that with the Torus.

Just turn the cap to the lock position to seal off the water chamber, empty the water from the bowl, give it a wipe and go.

That's my dogs' old water bowl in the back. By: Kristine Lacoste/Petful
That’s my dogs’ old water bowl in the back. By: Kristine Lacoste/Petful

6. Less Drool

A big dog means big drool. And I have 2 large dogs, so double the drool.

Part of the reason there was so much drool in the bowl was because my dogs stick a large part of their mouths in the bowl when they drink. Because the Torus has a smaller opening and less water at the bottom, they drink rather than plunge.

Since my dogs started using the bowl, I’ve noticed the drool has been reduced by around 90%.

7. Goodbye Residue

When we filled the dog’s old bowl with tap water, it would leave behind a tinted residue. I used to regularly scrub the bowl with hot soapy water before refilling it. The Torus water bowl filters the water before it reaches the bowl — no scum.

8. No Spills

Grips at the bottom of the bowl keep it firmly in place. For small dogs, this would be a much bigger improvement in reducing spills and preventing the bowl from doing the kitchen-floor-skate.

9. 1-Year Warranty

The Torus comes with a year of warranty coverage. Although 12 months may not seem like a long time, chances are you’ll notice any problems way before then.

10. Cleaning Is Easy

After emptying the water out of the bowl, remove the cap and drain the water from the chamber. Then pour hot, soapy water into the chamber, replace the cap into the locked position and shake the unit. Give it a good rinse and refill your pet’s water.

The 1-liter version (shown here in red) is new. It’s perfect for cats and small dogs.

What Needs Improvement

The Torus water bowl did what it was designed to do and worked well. However, I won’t be able to use it as the only water bowl in the house. Because I have Great Danes who drink a lot of water, I was refilling the water chamber several times per day.

If they make a 1-gallon model in the future, I’d grab that faster than Pinky steals a toy out of Bruiser’s mouth (she’s a huge toy thief, and thankfully he doesn’t mind). The capacity shouldn’t be an issue with smaller dogs. For cats and small dogs, a 1-liter version is available.


In partnership with Heyrex/Torus, we gave away a 2-liter Torus water bowl for free to a lucky Petful reader. The contest is now over.