Teach Your Dog to Open and Close the Fridge

Train your dog to fetch a beer from the fridge? That is the coolest. But let’s teach some basics first: how to open and close the door.

Make sure your dog knows basic commands before teaching him to open and close the fridge. By: edanley

There are so many cool tricks to teach your dog, but the most important thing is to have first taught the basics.

By these I mean “sit,” “down,” “stay,” “come” and “heel.” Without this foundation, your dog cannot learn to perform more impressive tricks.

Now we’ll dive into training your dog to open and then close the refrigerator — 2 skills that can become springboards for additional tricks.

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Open the Fridge

The “pull” command is not only an awesome dog trick but also helpful in certain situations.

Let’s say you’re trying to put leftovers away. Your hands are full of plates and bowls. How do you open the door? You don’t need to, because your dog knows the “pull” command:

  1. Forget about the fridge for now. Put a little tuna oil on the end of a rope toy.
  2. Now get your dog interested, and when he grabs the end, say, “Pull.”
  3. This is not tug of war. He needs to pull, so allow him to do just that.
  4. After about 1 week of play, then attach the rope toy to the refrigerator door. Show the pup the rope and say, “Pull!” He should be able to open the door for you. Keep practicing.

Close the Fridge

Teaching the “shut it” command is actually quite easy. Small, high-reward pet treats are perfect for this trick.

To get your dog to close the fridge:

  1. Place double-sided tape on the front of the fridge. Attach one of the treats to it.
  2. Once the door has been opened, show your dog the treat and say, “Shut it.”
  3. Encourage your dog to reach for the reward. Once he does, he will effectively close the door by pushing on it and take the treat off the door.

Patience Is Key

Both the “pull” and “shut it” commands take time to perfect. Daily training will increase the reliability of these tricks.

These 2 commands can also be used to open and close any other doors. Of course, going on to train your dog to fetch you a beer would be an amazing feat.

Check out this video of just that:

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