Meet Mighty Munch Dog Food

With high-quality, 100% made-in-the-USA ingredients, this is a kibble that’s formulated to be “super nutritious and delicious.” #sponsored

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from Mighty Munch.

Mighty Munch
Mighty Munch, a grain-free dog food that is delivered to your door, comes with a money-back guarantee.

Have you been picking up regular ol’ dry dog food at the grocery store?

You might want to rethink that move, because many of the offerings at those places are not great choices.

That’s where Mighty Munch dog food comes into the picture.

Mighty Munch Dog Food

We recently spoke with James, the founder of Mighty Munch, so that we could learn more about this new subscription dog food service.

He said he first got the idea for Mighty Munch when, desperately trying to figure out why one of his dogs was having skin issues, he discovered something that troubled him.

“I turned to the internet and started learning about dog food,” James said. “Only then, I was shocked to discover the state of the industry. We decided to start Mighty Munch using high-quality ingredients.”

The issue is that most big-brand dog food has not been created with the dog’s best interests in mind. Profits are the focus.

To take just one example, artificial coloring has no nutritional value and is included only to attract the people buying it. The dogs don’t care what color their food is.

Mighty Munch says its dog food is decidedly different.

Mighty Munch is committed to U.S.-sourced ingredients. Photo: rae_the_retriever

Nutritionally Superior Kibble

“We worked with veterinarians and pet food formulators to come up with a formula that is super nutritious and delicious,” James said.

“We added our proprietary prebiotics and probiotics with added minerals to help dogs absorb the nutrients. It’s called MightyPro™ Performance. This ensures dogs are getting the most out of the healthy ingredients we include in our formulas, and it also helps improve their immune systems.”

Chicken & Turkey is the most popular recipe Mighty Munch sells. According to the company’s website, this recipe is “full of muscle-building protein and healthy fats that keep your dog’s coat thick and shiny.”

Meanwhile, the Salmon recipe is quite popular too. It’s “full of natural fatty salmon to help your dog maintain healthy skin and a strong, shiny coat.” It also provides a significant amount of omega-3 fatty acids.

Made in the USA

Using ingredients solely sourced from the United States is important to Mighty Munch as well.

“Pup welfare is our No. 1 priority — and we think that having a reliable, safe source of ingredients is essential to that,” James said. “If we were using foreign ingredients, it would be impossible to ensure the safety and quality of the food. That’s why we are 100% committed to U.S. sourcing.”

“The second reason we are committed to U.S. sourcing is a more personal one,” he continued. “My father grew up on a farm, and I have been told countless stories about the struggle of farm life. I think it’s extremely important to support our local farmers as much as possible.

“Most of our meats are sourced from local farmers within a 100-mile radius from our Texas-based kitchen.”

How Does a Mighty Munch Subscription Work?

When you share your dog’s size with Mighty Munch and choose a recipe, you’ll be presented with a recommended shipping amount and time frame.

It’ll cost around $29–$79 per month and will take around 2–4 days for the first shipment to arrive.

“We sell directly to the consumer, so we can offer better pricing given the quality of the food,” James said. “We aren’t wasting money on middlemen, like distributors and retailers. We always offer free deliveries right to your door and 24-hour customer service.”

Transitioning to Mighty Munch Dog Food

You’ll want to transition your dog to the new dog food over the coming week — starting with mostly old food, then going to a 50-50 split between the old and the new food in the middle of the week, and then going to mostly Mighty Munch toward the end of the week.

After that, it’s just a matter of learning how much Mighty Munch you need to order in regular shipments.

Although the initial estimate should be reasonably accurate, sometimes adjustments need to be made.

“Basically, we want to ensure that our members never have too much or too little food and, most important, never run out,” James said. “We also reach out and communicate with every member to keep tabs on their dog’s nutrition goals. It’s fun because we are making more and more friends all over the country and building a community of dog lovers.”

It’s also easy to use Mighty Munch’s personalized dashboard to manage delivery information on your own.

Give Mighty Munch a Try Today

Mighty Munch dog food could be great fit for your dog.

And if you’re like us, you’ll love that Mighty Munch offers a full refund if your dog doesn’t take to it.

Based on initial reviews from customers, it does seem that most dogs transition easily to Mighty Munch and even end up loving it more than the dog food they had been eating.

Try out Mighty Munch for yourself right here: Select Your Recipe.