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Temptations Cat Treats

 No recalls.

This cat treat brand was created in 2009 and is manufactured and distributed by Mars Petcare US, Inc.

The treats are not expensive and can be found at a large number of retailers nationwide. Although the company lists the treats as nutritionally balanced, they should not be fed as the only meal to cats in place of cat food.

Mars also makes many other pet food brands and treats, including Whiskas, Royal Canin and many more.

Temptations Quick Facts

Brand line includes: Tasty Chicken, Blissful Catnip, Hearty Beef, Creamy Dairy, Savory Salmon, Seafood Medley, Tempting Tuna, Tantalizing Turkey and Hairball Control
Cost: $
Company: Mars Petcare US, Inc.
Headquarters: Tennessee
Contact info: 800-525-5273, website, email


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Have Temptations Cat Treats Ever Been Recalled?

No. This brand has not been recalled, according to our research. Reports of renal failure in cats who ate the treats in 2016 were debunked.

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Have You Had a Problem With Temptations?

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