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Gary Tashjian sought help to treat his 10-year-old dog Max after the dog began suffering from terrible arthritis. A holistic veterinarian recommended using a raw diet, so Tashjian began preparing the meals at home. Astonished by the positive change in Max that followed, Tashjiam began feeding raw to his other dog, Carey.

Other people were interested in seeing the same results in their dogs but claimed they did not have the time to create the raw diets. So Tashjian founded Darwin’s to create a raw product line to fill this need.

Darwin’s Quick Facts

Brand line includes: Darwin’s Premium Line Natural Selections for Dogs, Darwin’s Value Line Zoologics for Dogs, Darwin’s Prescription Line, Intelligent Design for Dogs, Darwin’s Premium Line Natural Selections for Cats, Darwin’s Grass-Raised Beef Rib & Marrow Bones
Cost: $$$-$$$$
Company: Darwin’s Natural Pet Products
Headquarters: 350 Treck Drive, Tukwila, WA 98188
Contact info: 206-324-7387 or 877-738-6325, email, website

Has Darwin’s Ever Been Recalled?

Yes. The company had its first recall in December 2017 after tests confirmed salmonella in some of the dog food. Details of that recall follow.

List of Recalls

December 2017

Cause: Potential for salmonella. Announcement: Petful verified by phone call with company, Dec. 8, 2017. What was recalled: 2-pound packages of the following:

  • Natural Selections Turkey Meals for Dogs, Lots #39937 and #40507
  • Natural Selections Chicken Meals for Dogs, Lot #40727
  • Natural Selections Duck Meals for Dogs, Lot #40487

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