Recalled: Icelandic+ Capelin Whole Fish Pet Treats

These treats, sold in packages for both dogs and cats, are being recalled because they may contain too-large fish — which is a potential poisoning hazard.

Icelandic+ Capelin Whole Fish Pure Fish Treats for Dogs
Certain packages for both dogs and cats of Icelandic+ Capelin Whole Fish Pure Fish Treats have been recalled.

Maker: IcelandicPlus LLC
Cause: Potential for Clostridium botulinum
Announcement: FDA announcement on March 23, 2020 (archived here)
What was recalled: Any of the following treats with lot numbers falling between 02/2020 and 02/2022:

  • Icelandic+ Capelin Whole Fish Pure Fish Treats for Dogs, 2.5 oz. bag, UPC #854854007117
  • Icelandic+ Capelin Whole Fish Pure Fish Treats for Dogs, 2.5 oz. tube, UPC #854854007759
  • Icelandic+ Capelin Whole Fish Pure Fish Treats for Cats, 1.5 oz. bag, UPC #854854007575

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says this recall has been launched out of an abundance of caution because some of the fish in these Capelin pet treats may be longer than the 5-inch allowance.

That may not sound like a big deal, but it actually is.

“The FDA has determined that salt-cured, dried or fermented un-eviscerated fish larger than 5 inches have been linked to outbreaks of botulism poisoning,” according to the recall announcement, which adds: “To date there have been no reported illnesses of dogs, cats or persons in connection with Capelin. Nor [have] there been any positive test results for Clostridium botulinum from any IcelandicPlus Capelin.”

Clostridium botulinum toxin can cause severe problems — including death — in pets who eat the contaminated treats or in people who handle the treats or even come into contact with surfaces that were exposed to the treats.

The now-recalled treats were originally shipped by IcelandicPlus LLC to distributors in the United States for retail sale in independent pet stores.

If you have any of the affected treats, do not feed them to your pet OR touch the treats. Return them to the store you purchased them from for a refund, and call the company at 1-857-246-9559 during business hours if you have any questions.

IcelandicPlus notes that it has changed suppliers to ensure that, going forward, the fish in its products fall within the recommended limits.

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