8 Must-Have Smartphone Apps for Pet Lovers

From practical to playful, these apps are great.

Fetch! is an app that guesses your dog's breed. By: hafakot
Fetch! is an app that guesses your dog’s breed. By: hafakot

Smartphone apps are a popular way to entertain yourself, keep organized and shop on the go.

There’s an app for almost everything, whether you want to learn another language or find available parking spots in your neighborhood. And this includes apps for pet lovers like you and me.

Here are 8 great pet-themed apps — all but 1 of them free — to keep you and your furry family entertained and informed.


1. Fetch!

Available for: iPhone

Many of us are proud moms and dads of rescued dogs. And a lot of those dogs are a perfect mix of breeds, though what exactly is included in that perfect mix is often anyone’s best guess. Well, now there’s a fun app that can give you its best guess for Bella’s lineage.

Fetch!, created by Microsoft, uses photos of your dog to guess her breed. The accuracy is hit-and-miss. Of the photos I submitted, Fetch! managed to pin down my dogs’ breeds correctly once and also very incorrectly once.

But the fun of Fetch! is the hidden gems that can be a true laugh. When you’re done snapping pictures of Bella, try submitting a photo of yourself. You might get a little insight into what canine characteristics you display.

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Finding Rover
Finding Rover

2. Finding Rover

Available for: iPhone, Android

Reuniting lost dogs with their families may have just gotten easier with Finding Rover, a virtual database of canine facial recognition.

Here’s how it works:

  • Download the app and upload a photo of your dog.
  • If Bella runs away, Finding Rover notifies “a large network of dog organizations and members.”
  • The person who finds Bella can upload a photo of her to Finding Rover.
  • The app matches Bella’s new photo with the one you already uploaded.
  • Bella’s finder gets your contact information.
  • You and Bella are reunited.

3. PupTox

Available for: iPhone, Android (costs $0.99)

Recently I found myself Googling “Are day lily bulbs toxic for dogs?” after cleaning up a couple puddles of vomit. That wasn’t my first time looking up potential toxicity for household (and garden) objects. Let’s face it: Dogs eat weird things. And it’s nice to have a resource that can immediately alert me if Banjo needs to go to the veterinarian.

Luckily, PupTox is an affordable app with a list of food and non-food items that are toxic for dogs.

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Weather Puppy
Weather Puppy

4. Weather Puppy and Weather Kitty

Available for: iPhone, Android

Checking the forecast just got a furry upgrade. Weather Puppy and Weather Kitty provide photos of adorable puppies and kittens reacting to the current weather conditions in your area.

Bark Cam

5. BarkCam

Available for: iPhone, Android

The struggle is real for those of us who just want a cute photo of our dog looking at the camera. Luckily, Bark & Co. created an app to snag Bella’s attention with 15 different sound effects, from a doorbell to a mooing cow.

Once the photo is taken, you can enter the app’s edit mode to apply filters, stickers and text.

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Dog Vacay

6. DogVacay

Available for: iPhone, Android

Next spring, my husband and I are planning a 10-day vacation. We haven’t taken a vacation in 5 years — meaning we haven’t had to worry about finding a boarding facility in that time. Because we’re living in a new state, we’re going to have to start from scratch.

Luckily, I stumbled across this neat app. DogVacay provides lists of cage-free pet boarding in your region. Visit the website or app and:

  • Enter your zip code.
  • Select the service you need (boarding, daycare, walking, etc.).
  • Input the dates.

A list of available pet care professionals appears, along with reviews and an interactive map.


7. BringFido

Available for: iPhone

Anyone who travels with dogs knows how difficult it is to find pet-friendly accommodations. And sometimes it’s nice to know where our pups can go even when we’re not traveling, like special local events, parks and outdoor restaurants.

The BringFido app has an extensive list of dog-friendly locations, from hotels to attractions and more, making life a little easier.

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Cat Fishing 2
Cat Fishing 2

8. Cat Fishing 2

Available for: iPhone, Android

Does your cat love chasing the mouse on your computer screen or tablet? Then you might have the perfect candidate for Cat Fishing 2, an interactive game for playful cats from Friskies.

The game is about as simple as they come: A few fish swim around the screen, giving you a bird’s-eye view of the virtual aquarium. As your cat swats at the fish, they disappear and are replaced by new fish.

Try out these helpful apps and see how they can strengthen your bond with your pet — they’re just a few taps away.

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