My Review of JustFoodForCats (Plus, How to Try It for 35% Off, Risk Free!)

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Lightly cook and frozen fresh, JustFoodForCats is Simple, healthy, uncomplicated and completely balanced.


Hi. I’m Dave Baker, publisher of Petful.

I’ve been tracking cat food recalls (and dog food recalls) for more than 10 years, so pet food safety is my #1 concern.

Today, I want to introduce you to JustFoodForCats. I’m a big fan of this premium cat food — and not just because one of their kitchens is located right here in New York City, where I live and work.

The biggest reason I love JustFoodForCats is that it’s fresh, healthy, made with whole-food ingredients and is balanced to meet the nutritional needs of your cat. Simply thaw and serve.

If you’ve been researching your cat food options, read through this JustFoodForCats review to hear my thoughts on this brand.

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JustFoodForCats Review: Overview of the Brand

In 2010, founder Shawn Buckley launched JustFoodForDogs, which launched the fresh whole-food movement years before brands like The Farmer’s Dog, Ollie and Pet Plate.

Buckley has made sure his kitchen was open to the public, so that everyone could see what was going into the pet food. That thoughtful tradition continues on today, with at least 8 kitchens across the country that are all open to the public, just like in the brand’s early days.

And every since those early days, the brand has always focused on creating veterinarian-developed, highly researched recipes.

Today, JustFoodForDogs has a feline line — JustFoodForCats. Both lines are backed by a team a dozen-plus veterinarians specializing in nutrition, skin issues, toxicology and more. Food is an integral part of your pet’s health, and I’m happy that the brand takes this sort of expert input so seriously.

Although there are some standards in place to regulate pet food, many brands use questionable ingredients that aren’t great for our pets. But when Buckley launched his brand, the goal was to create a premium pet food that was held to the standards of human food.

How Does the JustFoodForCats Ordering Process Work?

Unlike a lot of the other fresh-made pet foods, no monthly subscription is required for JustFoodForCats. Yes, that’s right — you can place one order without having to be locked into a subscription that you have to cancel if you want out.

However, if you prefer, you can try an autoship option (with a 35% first-time discount and then a recurring 5% discount starting with your second order). That’s super-convenient once you know your pet likes the food.

I find that regular shipments are a lifesaver. I don’t have to remind myself to pick up cat food at the supermarket or run to the grocery store at the last minute because I forgot to stock up. Once you set the autoship schedule, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Photo provided by the company showing some of the ingredients before cooking.
Photo provided by the company showing some of the ingredients before cooking.

JustFoodForCats Recipe

The cat line is relatively new, and right now there’s just a single recipe — Fish & Chicken. It’s a low-carb, high-protein recipe that’s purr-fect for nearly any adult cat, but it is a particularly good fit for cats with allergies or sensitive tummies.

Ingredients include:

  • Alaskan Pacific wild-caught cod (excellent source of low-calorie protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins and minerals)
  • Whole Atlantic sardines (high in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D)
  • Dried yuca root (hypoallergenic, gluten-free, grain-free, highly digestible and designed to keep your cat fully hydrated)
  • USDA Certified chicken thighs, hearts and liver
  • And a specially formulated, 100% human-grade vitamin blend

JustFoodForCats Fish & Chicken recipe is a carnivorous diet of meat and organs fortified with yucca root, which absorbs and retains moisture, finally giving cats the hydration they need. It is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for maintenance.

JustFoodForCats Reviews

One reviewer, Molly D., tells us:

“My cat LOVES this food and has been eating it for about 3 weeks now. He is 11 years old and had been eating a good quality kibble. He transitioned to JustCats smoothly without any problems and I can already tell he has a fuller, shinier, coat and seems better hydrated and has had fewer hairballs. He was already at a healthy lean weight prior to switching and seems to be maintaining fine. The food is also less foul smelling compared to other wet cat foods, which is nice.”

Another customer, Caitlen T., says:

“The BEST of the best, hands down. Saves my cats life every day! This is the the only food she’ll eat. After 14 years it’s really become a struggle. She vomits up anything else, and I’ve tried literally everything.”

Photo of some fish and other ingredients of the JustFoodForCats recipe

How Much Does JustFoodForCats Cost?

When I checked recently, the price was $11.45 for an 18 oz. package.

My advice? Get 10 packs and set autoship for every 4 weeks. That’s most likely enough to feed a 10-pound cat for a full month. You’ll unlock free shipping, plus you’ll get the 5% autoship discount starting with your second order, maximizing your value and giving you the lowest cost possible. It works out to about $3.65 per day, according to my quick math.

Pricey cat food? Well, yes, but it’s by no means the most expensive on the market.

I’ve learned over the years that you get what you pay for in terms of quality. The cat food that’s a fraction of the price also seems to offer a fraction of the nutritional value. For me, JustFoodForCats is the best balance between cost and quality.

Oh, and if your cats won’t eat the food, you can get your money back. I love that!

My Final Thoughts

Overall, this is an excellent option for adult cat food (it is not formulated for kittens). Nutrition should be your priority when choosing a cat food brand, and JustFoodForCat offers a high-quality, well-balanced meal.

Your choice of cat food is a personal decision based on your pet’s dietary needs and preferences, but I can confidently recommend this brand.

Give it a try today and get your cat thriving on a healthy, wholesome diet. Your cat will feel the difference — and you’ll see it.

For a limited time, you can get an amazing 35% off your first autoship order of JustFoodForCats (or JustFoodForDogs). No promo code required. Discounted price appears at checkout, when you view your cart.

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P.S. Give it a try and see what you think! Worried it won’t work out? If your cat doesn’t absolutely love it, you can get a full refund, minus shipping costs. No nonsense. (That’s another reason I love this company.)

You have nothing to lose — so let’s do this. Do your cat a favor and go claim your special 35% first autoship discount now before time runs out.



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Written by Dave Baker

Dave Baker, founder and publisher of Petful, is a journalist and editor who has worked at The New York Times and The Nation magazine. He was also part of the 2006 Pulitzer Prize–winning team at The Times-Picayune newspaper of New Orleans. After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, he moved to Brooklyn, New York, where Petful is now based. A longtime advocate for pet food safety, Dave has been passionately tracking pet food recalls for the past 10-plus years, and more than 30,000 pet parents are subscribed to his recall alerts — which often arrive faster than even the recall alerts put out by the FDA.