All About Pet Food Delivery Services

Pet food delivery services offer an alternative to visiting your local store, and they offer more than just pet food. We take a look at how they work.

Pet food delivered to your door
Pet food delivery services get the products from the shelf to your door. By Kristine Lacoste.

I look outside at the rain and back at my dog’s empty food bowl. Why can’t the local store just deliver dog food?

Companies are doing just that — and much more.

As the name implies, companies are delivering pet food. This isn’t just a one-time order; most of them let you set up a recurring order.


You pick the products and the delivery schedule, and your supplies are shipped right to your door. No dragging the kids through the store, no fighting the lines and no driving in dangerous weather.

Some local delivery services may be limited to a smaller number of products, while others have almost anything you want. Pet food specialties can range from gluten-free and holistic to specific brands and even frozen or fresh foods.

Let’s take a closer look at how the pet food delivery services work.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs can vary depending on where you live and which service you use. Some local delivery services like Daisy’s Pet Food Delivery Service in Washington or Fetch Delivers in Minnesota deliver locally for free. Other companies like Petco and Chewy deliver based on the order amount.

Unless you provide specific instructions with your order, it will typically be left at your front door if it doesn’t need a signature. Fresh or frozen food deliveries may require you to leave an ice chest or cooler outside with ice or cold packs to keep the package at a safe temperature.

Seniors, the disabled and others may be able to get pet food delivered from their local Meals on Wheels. They provide this service in my area but may rely on donations.

Pros and Cons

As with any service there are pros and cons. Some of the benefits of using a pet food delivery service:

  • Alternative for those with medical problems or recent injuries
  • Great for people who work from home or want to cut down on transportation costs
  • Convenience
  • Inclement weather
  • Bags are too heavy to carry
  • Stores are far away
  • The products are not available locally
  • Online sales (some services will adjust your pending order prices automatically if an item is on sale at the time of your delivery)
  • Larger variety to choose from
  • Customer service is more available (some pet food delivery services have 24/7 customer service)

Shop wisely. Many pet food delivery services do not allow food to be returned, and in some cases they even prohibit the return of unopened food. If you are considering a new brand of food, start with a small bag and gradually mix it with the existing food to gauge the results. This way you can order more if the new food is a success or at least not get stuck with a large bag of unwanted opened food.

There are some drawbacks to using a pet food delivery service, and these may depend on individual circumstances:

  • Shipments are not immediate, so you’ll have to wait for your order. Some services offer same-day delivery, while others can take two to seven days.
  • Returns must shipped back, increasing your time and expense. Unless it’s a mistake the service made, expect to pay for shipping and wait for a refund or exchange.
  • Food sales are usually final. Unless they made a mistake, you’re not going to be able to return the bag of kibble.
  • Shipping costs can be more expensive than going to your local store.

Check out the service before placing your order. Most of them have a “frequently asked questions” area or a contact page for their customer service department. Ask questions before you order to help ensure a smooth and satisfactory experience.


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