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PureVita pet food is a culmination of many different brand lines over time. Darrell Nelson started Pine Lakes Feed in 1947. His son, Kenny Nelson, started Tuffy’s Dog Food Company shortly thereafter. After 39 years, they expanded to premium lines and later organic lines.


PureVita is manufactured in Minnesota by Tuffy’s Pet Foods, Inc. In 2015, the company expanded with a new $70 million, 130,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. Tuffy’s is family-owned and operated — and has been since it was founded in 1964. The company’s other brands include NutriSource, Tuffy’s and Natural Planet.

PureVita Quick Facts

Brand line includes: PureVita Duck & Oatmeal for dogs, PureVita Salmon & Potato for dogs, PureVita Grain Free Bison & Pea for dogs, PureVita Freeze Dried Beef Liver & Sweet Potato for dogs, PureVita Grain Fee Chicken & Peas for cats, PureVita Salmon Fillet for cats, PureVita Grain Free Duck & Red Lentils
Cost: $$$
Company: Tuffy’s Pet Foods, Inc. / KLN Family Brands
Headquarters: 245 1st Ave. N, Perham, MN 56573
Contact info: 1-800-525-9155, email, website

Has PureVita Ever Been Recalled?

Yes, in October 2021 there was a recall involving 2 specific lots of NutriSource PureVita Salmon Entrée pâté-style dog food. The recall was initiated after the manufacturer identified a problem with excessive Vitamin D levels in the product listed above. No other NutriSource or PureVita pet foods or treats were part of the recall.

List of PureVita Recalls

October 2021

Cause: Elevated levels of Vitamin D. Announcement: FDA recall notice dated Oct. 12, 2021 (archived here). What was recalled: 12.5 oz. TetraPak cartons of NutriSource PureVita Salmon Entrée pâté-style dog food, UPC #073893 962021, with the following lot numbers and best by dates only:

  • Lot #0629101N1 and best by June 29, 2023
  • Lot #0901101N1 and best by Sept. 1, 2023

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