Hannaford Recall History and Pet Food Brand Info

Important Hannaford recall information appears below. The brand is now under the name Home 360

Brand Name: Hannaford
Product Lines: Hannaford Beef Cuts/Gravy, Hannaford Canned Dog Food, Hannaford Country Stew Cuts
Company: Delhaize America
Headquarters: 2110 Executive Dr., Salisbury, NC, 28147
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Hannaford Company Overview

Founded in 1883 by the Hannaford brothers in Portland, Maine, the company initially started by selling fresh produce. Over the years, it expanded by aligning its growth with core values that resonated deeply with its customers – family, community, quality, and value.

Today, Hannaford operates over 180 stores with 26,000 associates, maintaining its strong roots in the Northeast. In 2010, Hannaford unified its pet food lines under the Home 360 Pet brand, claiming to offer the same nutritious, high-quality foods at competitive prices, marking a significant step in its brand evolution. See here for Home 360 Recall History and Pet Food Brand Info.

Has There Ever Been a Hannaford Recall?

There has been a Hannaford recall, according to our research.

Our research team discovered a Hannaford recall dating back to March 2007 due to Melamine Contamination

Hannaford Recall History

March 2007
Cause: Melamine. Announcement: FDA melamine reports, 2007 — dog food, cat food. What was recalled: 

  • Hannaford Beef Cuts/Gravy 12×13.2oz. and 12x22oz. canned dog food
  • Hannaford Beef Cuts/Gravy 12×13.2oz. and 12x22oz. canned dog food
  • Country Stew Cuts/Gravy 12x22oz. canned dog food 
  • Hannaford SL Beef/Gravy 24×5.5oz. canned cat food
  • Hannaford SL Chicken/Grvy 24×5.5oz. canned cat food
  • Hannaford Flaked Trout 24x3oz. canned cat food.

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