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Dave’s brand pet food markets itself as being a high-quality food at much lower prices. Dave himself (founder Dave Ratner) says the reason he can keep his prices low is because he focuses on the food rather than the overhead — he’s the “sales guy, the marketing guy, the customer service guy.”

Although now a brand that stands alone, Dave’s pet food was originally marketed for Dave’s Soda and Pet City stores.

Dave’s Quick Facts

Brand line includes: Dave’s 95% Premium Meats Canned Dog Food Beef & Chicken Recipe, Dave’s Restricted Diet Protein—Phosphorus Chicken Dinner for Dogs, Dave’s Grain Free Canned Dog Food Chicken, Sweet Potato & Quinoa Recipe, Dave’s Naturally Healthy Grain Free Canned Cat Food Beef & Chicken Dinner Formula, Dave’s Naturally Healthy Grain Free Canned Cat Food Poultry Platter Dinner Formula
Cost: $$$
Company: Dave’s Soda & Pet City Inc.
Headquarters: 1330 Carew St, Springfield, MA 01104
Contact info: 1-888-763-2738 or 413-732-2275, email, website

Has Dave’s Ever Been Recalled?

Yes. In late 2015, one batch of Dave’s Simply the Best Dog Food was voluntarily recalled because of an “off odor.” According to a company memo, “This product contains rice bran and could have been the source of the off odor. There was no odor noted during the manufacture of the product.”

List of Recalls

December 2015

Cause: “Off odor.” Announcement: Memo from Southern Tier Pet Nutrition, dated Dec. 1, 2015 (PDF). What was recalled: A single batch of Dave’s Simply the Best Dog Food, “Best by” Oct. 15, 2016

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