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Addiction pet food was founded in 2002 by a veterinary surgeon and clinical nutritionist. It is manufactured in New Zealand and includes hypoallergenic, easy-to-digest, eco-friendly ingredients. These products do not contain by-products, fillers or preservatives.


Addiction Quick Facts

Brand line includes: Addiction Dry Dog Food Viva La Venison Grain-Free, Addiction Rabbit & Blueberries Canned Dog Food, Addiction Kangaroo Feast Raw Dehydrated Dog Food, Addiction Dry Dog Food La Porchetta, Addiction Duck Confit & Sweet Potatoes Canned Dog Food, Addiction New Zealand Venison and Apples Canned Dog Food Entrée
Cost: $$$
Where to buy: Latest deals on Addiction dog or cat food
Company: Addiction Foods LLC
Headquarters: 8228 S 192nd Street, Kent, WA 98032-1195
Contact info: 425-251-0330, email, website

Has Addiction Pet Food Ever Been Recalled?

Yes. In fall 2016, 2 New Zealand varieties of canned Addiction dog food were recalled because of incorrect levels of certain vitamins and minerals. More details of this recall appear immediately below.

List of Addiction Recalls

September 2016

Cause: Elevated levels of Vitamin A and a slight variance in calcium/phosphorous ratios. Announcement: Dog Food Advisor confirmed via email from Addiction Foods, Sept. 8, 2016. What was recalled: 13.8 oz. cans of Addiction New Zealand Brushtail and Vegetables Canned Dog Food Entrée, Lot #8940:02Dec2018, Best by December 2018; and Addiction New Zealand Venison and Apples Canned Dog Food Entrée, Lot #8936:01Dec2018, Best by December 2018.

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