November Was Senior Pet Month. Why Didn’t Anyone Adopt Me?

Older pets can bring a lot to your life, including gentleness, love and good manners.

Older dogs typically don’t need the training that their younger counterparts need in a new home. By: sergeljeanette

My name is Rainbow, and there’s nothing wrong with me. I’m just not a puppy anymore. November Senior Pet Month came and went at my shelter — and nobody took me home.

Why didn’t they pick me? Don’t they know that I always behaved at Thanksgiving? That I looked forward to a teeny bit of turkey at the end of the meal but always minded my manners? That I remember curling up by the fire and spending time with the kids? That I wonder how many more holidays I’ll be in this cold, quiet shelter? Where are my people?

I’m a good dog. I’m not here because there’s something wrong with me. My people had something terrible happen to them, not me. My little girl got sick. Very, very sick. My family was going to the hospital all the time to see if she would get better. But she didn’t.

A Heartbreaking Loss

When she never came home again, my house got even sadder. My lady couldn’t get out of bed. She cried all day and all night. I wanted to help her, but all I could do was stay near her side.

Then one day my man just held his head in his hands. He told me he didn’t have the strength to walk me anymore. He had to devote all his time to helping my lady. He took me for a ride. He patted my head. Then he held me very tight. He made sounds. Then he took me inside, and I’ve never seen him again.

Shelter Life

This is not a bad place. People are here during the day, and I know they like me. I get a bed to shield me from the concrete floor because I am older. But it’s not like my home. And I’m very lonely at night. And on weekends. And holidays.

Three of my friends went away this week. I don’t think I’m going to see them again. They were sort of pains because they were young, always barking and jumping up in their cages. But people took them home instead of me. If you’re reading this, I want to tell you why I’m a really good dog to adopt. Maybe once you hear my story, you’ll come by and give me a look.

When people come to look at me, I hear the lady who feeds me say, “He’s 10, but he’s in really good shape for 10.” You bet I am! And I’m not nearly as much of a pain in the neck as that rowdy bunch who went to houses this week. Maybe you just need some convincing, so here goes.

Adopting a senior dog could bring a lot of joy to your life. By: sherbethead

6 Reasons to Adopt an Older Pet

1. I’m easy to take care of.

Three short walks a day is a perfect day. I can still run a bit but don’t need to show off like my nutty, younger friends. If we go around the block or I stay out in the yard for an hour, I’m a happy camper!

2. I’m gentle, and you can tell what kind of personality I have.

Think about it — if you adopt a pupper whippersnapper, you don’t know what you’re gonna get. And you have to do all that training. Do my potty business in the house? I wouldn’t dream of it.

3. I’m a dog for all ages.

Kids can just pet my head, and I will sleep by them. And if you’re a little older, like me, we would go perfectly together. You like to take a nap during the day? So do I. Go to bed early? I’m right there with you. Take a little car ride to the drug store? I love car trips. My goal at this stage of life is devoting myself to you.

Check out these lovely older cats up for adoption:

4. I’m a great companion for your other pets.

Need a trainer dog to show the little jerk at home how to behave? I’m all over it. Bother the cats? I’m over that for sure. Trust me — when the rest of the brood are driving you crazy, I’m a model citizen.

5. I’ll be your new best friend.

If you take me away from this shelter, you are my savior. My tears for my old family have all dried up. My heart is open and ready to give you all the love in it.

6. I’m scared.

Folks think 7 is old around here, so time is running out. My stay at this hotel is not infinite. When they need more rooms for busy season, my number will be up. If you take me home, you truly are saving my life.

So think about how great it would be to adopt me, an older citizen. I’m calm, trained, sensible, loving, grateful and easy. I will love you forever because you saved me. I will not take you for granted.



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