10 Pets Who Are Definitely Going on Santa’s Naughty List

Some pets have landed themselves firmly on the naughty list this Christmas. And they feel no shame about it.

It’s that time of year again. We’re all spending some time examining our deeds for the past year and wondering if we’re going to fall on Santa’s nice list … or his naughty one.

Let’s face it: Nobody wants to be on the naughty list.

As I’m sure you know, that naughty-or-nice list applies to pets as well, and most pets’ exemplary behavior nets them a solid gold spot on the nice list.


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But there are some pets — a very few — who end up on that naughty list. And they feel no shame about it.

1. Here’s one pet with behavior that Santa would find paw-sitively appalling.

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2. This schnauzer took objection to the dining room chairs. So he destroyed them.

3. This turtle’s mom thought she had a girl turtle — until the turtle flashed her with undeniable proof of his manhood.

A post shared by ZZ Kennedy (@zz_kennedy) on

4. Don’t you hate it when your bearded dragon has no respect for your sleeping area?

A post shared by Monster (@monster_grams) on

5. I’m not even sure how he did it, but this cat knocked over the entire planter. His face says he’s not even sorry.

A post shared by Louise Murphy (@lmurphy7887) on

6. A tag team of troublemakers in this house.

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7. These 2 pups refuse to be shamed … and had no problem eating pup-aganda.

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8. Here we have a multitasker of naughtiness. This dog stood on top of an iPad, shattering it, all in his quest to reach and consume chocolate (which, of course, is toxic to dogs).

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9. Here’s a pooch who doesn’t discriminate. Nothing in the house is safe.

A post shared by Lauren (@laurenmarkleyy) on

10. Judging by the look on this bunny’s face, I’d have to agree that he’s completely not sorry. If I were his mom, I’d keep the bedroom door firmly closed from now on.

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