Introducing VetX: Need to Talk to a Vet? There’s an App for That.

Now you can get 24/7 medical advice for your pet from a network of veterinarians. #sponsored

VetX promises “everything you need to know about your pet in one app.”

Editor’s Note: The following article was sponsored by VetX.

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Some of us suffer from indecision when it comes to calling the veterinarian — particularly after the offices are closed. Not many veterinary offices offer services outside of normal business hours, and those that do often cost much more than you’d think.

That’s where VetX comes in. It’s a new app designed to help those of us with pets through those moments of indecision — do I go to the emergency care center, or do I wait? The vets who work with VetX are on hand to give instant advice, help answer that very question about whether a vet visit is really necessary, and more.

How It Began



“It all began with a kitty named Boop,” says VetX owner and developer Tan Kabra. He and his girlfriend discovered Boop at a local shelter, fell in love with her and took her home. But as they soon found out, pet care can be both costly and nerve-wracking.

Kabra explains one of several incidents that drove him to start VetX:

“Our cat had just been spayed, and they kept telling us, ‘Make sure she doesn’t open the incision by licking it.’ And you know cats, they’re always licking themselves. So at one point, we were very anxious looking at her, wondering ‘Is that open? Or is it closed? What should we do?’

“We tried to take her to a clinic, but it was closed at that hour, so we had to take her to an animal hospital,” Kabra continued. “It took 90 seconds and about $250 for the vet to tell us she was fine.”

What Is It?

VetX is designed to be an extra layer of care around your pet.

Upon signing up, you have the option of using the app to consult right away with a veterinarian 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can discuss a worrisome medical issue and even send pictures to the vet, who will then return quick, convenient advice about possible next steps.

It’s important to note that VetX isn’t intended to replace your own vet’s care. Instead, the VetX team is on hand to answer questions in an informational and educational way and cannot diagnose your pet or prescribe medication. However, I did ask about the VetX team and was happy to discover that all of their vets have been extensively interviewed, are licensed, and hold veterinary degrees.

How Can It Benefit Me?

I posed this question to Brooke Anderson, general manager at VetX. Here’s what she had to say:

“The number-one benefit for people using the app is that it provides people with a reliable source of information for any and all of their pet questions. Whether it’s medical, behavioral or simply educational, VetX is there to answer it all.”


In other words, when your pet falls ill, gets injured or just “isn’t acting right,” with VetX you’ll have access at your fingertips to a licensed veterinarian’s medical opinion.


Here’s the 3-step process, as described by Olivia Vanni, writing for Bostinno:

  1. When you notice something’s off about your animal, you just log into the app, select the consultation function and send a message containing a description of what’s going on — in addition to photos or videos — that will be sent to a network of veterinarians.
  2. Whichever expert is available first will review what you provided and ask for additional information they may need.
  3. The vet will then send you a detailed description of what could be happening and what you should do next — whether it be simply monitoring your pet’s condition or bringing your animal into a clinic.

And get this: VetX will soon offer the ability to hail a mobile vet clinic from the app. You’ll be able to have a house call from a veterinarian virtually on demand.

This video explains more:

OK, Sounds Great, but What Does It Cost?

This app is designed to provide information that will bring guidance and peace of mind — and, most of all, not break the bank. You have the option of a couple of different subscription plans, starting at just $29 per month.

Is the cost worth it? Probably! Think of it like this: If one totally unnecessary visit to an emergency hospital (turns out it was just a minor scrape!) costs $250, you would need to use VetX for almost 9 months to equal the same cost.

Who Can Use VetX?

Pet parents and pet sitters alike can benefit from this app.

Because there is a fee, subscribers must be at least 18 to sign up. (Sorry, kids!) People who are new at the whole “having a pet” thing can also greatly benefit from the reassurance of having professional information at their fingertips as they learn about their new pet and his or her conditions and quirks.

VetX was also designed to be user-friendly. I asked Brooke if she thought my grandmother could use VetX, and she said: “The app is super user-friendly and very intuitive. We made sure to run the app by each and every one of our mothers and grandmothers!”



To take it a step further, I signed up to test it out. It was indeed simple to set up and use. You just create a profile for yourself and one for each of your pets, and you can include photos.

After speaking with Brooke and using the VetX app for myself, I have to say this app could come in very handy for those middle-of-the-night or weekend pet questions.

Ready to try it out?

» Get started with VetX here and enter code PETFUL to receive your 1st month FREE

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