Recalled: Cesar Classics Filet Mignon Wet Dog Food

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classic-filet-mignonMaker: Mars, Inc.
Cause: Potential for choking hazard from plastic pieces
Announcement: Mars, Inc. report dated Oct. 7, 2016
What was recalled: CESAR Classics Filet Mignon Flavor wet dog food, Lot #631FKKC or #631GKKC and Best Before date that falls between Aug. 4, 2018 and Aug. 5, 2018. The CESAR Classics Filet Mignon Flavor can also be found in variety packs with the following lot codes: 632D14JC, 633B24JC, 634A14JC, 634A24JC, 634B14JC, 634B24JC, 634E14JC, 635A24JC, 635B14JC, 636D24JC or 636E14JC.

According to Dog Food Advisor, “Select packages of this product may contain small pieces of plastic, which entered the food during the production process.”

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