QUIZ: How Much Horse Sense Have You Got?

Our relationship with horses dates back to roughly 3500 BCE. Let’s see how much you know about man’s oldest friend.

Some of the American Indian tribes rode mustangs into lakes and rivers to:

During World War I, some “untamable” military horses were sent to a reclamation camp in England where:

Women, says horse whisperer Monty Roberts, are more open to the idea of gentling horses, because:

Horses show they’re relaxed by:

The diving-horse act was popular in the 1880s, although it lasted for a long time after that. It was:

In the Old West, wild horses were:

Anna Sewell’s "Black Beauty" (1877) was written as a protest against the harsh treatment of horses in Victorian England. It also led to:

The last war in which horses were used was:

Horses are frequently used in therapy programs because:

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