QUIZ: Fans of Erin Hunter’s “Warriors” Series: How Clan-Wise Are You?

Quiz time! How “Clannish” are you when it comes to this bestselling series about 4 warrior-cat clans?

In the beginning, there are 4 Clans. They are:

Rusty, later known as Firestar, comes to the attention of Bluestar, the ThunderClan leader. He is:

Aside from a leader and deputy, each Clan has:

All 4 Clans pay homage to StarClan, a group of ancestral spirit-cats who:

Yellowfang, the ThunderClan’s healer, is exiled from her original Clan because:

Firestar eventually becomes leader of ThunderClan. He and his mate, Sandstorm, go on a quest to find a lost Clan called:

The medicine cats are well-versed in herbal lore. Much that lore comes from:

Midnight helps ThunderClan in many instances. She is:

A major theme in the series is:

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