QUIZ: How Much Do You Know About Cats?

Think you know all there is to know about cats? Take this quiz!

OK, let’s see how “cat smart” you are. In this quiz are 15 cat trivia questions. A few are pretty easy, but many demand some deep thought about the incredible lives of our feline friends. If you can get ALL of them right, then congratulations — you’re some sort of cat genius.

A cat has how many whiskers, on average?

Do cats have fewer teeth than dogs have, or more?


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Which brain is the cat’s brain most similar to?

Outdoor-only cats live, on average, about:

A term for a group of cats is:

A term for a group of kittens is:

A cat, standing in a still position, can jump up to 6 times its own length.

“Tabby” is the name of a cat breed.

All of the following are the names of cat breeds, except:

The thick hair around the face of some cats (such as Persians) is called:

Like dogs, cats sniff one another’s butts.

What’s it called when a cat rubs the side of her head on you or on furniture?

Cats can’t taste this:

What’s the total number of claws that most house cats have?

Which of the following statements about body language is FALSE?

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