Where I Live: Dallas, TX, USA


Type of Pet: Mostly a dog person

What Makes My Pet(s) Unique: Annabelle the all-white pit bull is unlike any dog I've ever known. She's extremely intelligent, endlessly loving, but completely happy with being stubborn whenever she wants.

She doesn't need to be able to speak my language to let me in on her thoughts - her eyes do all the talking. Her expressions are revealing and impossible to ignore.

She's a happy pup who started her life as a stray on the streets of the Bronx, but now eats better than me and gets a new bed at least once a month.

What Being Petful Means to Me: Being a "dog person" or an animal lover is great - you get all the feel-goods when you're around them and probably constantly bombard strangers with requests to pet their pups.

Being Petful is different; this is a mindset that takes your love of pets to another level.

It's about taking action to ensure dogs, cats, and all other pets get to live life the right way - with love, affection, and care.


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